Technologyhelped many people to learn about the easiest way that they should do newthings.  Different areas of life has beenimproved, the education has been improved because of the technology processwith advanced computer. Students can get access to international learningmaterials without having to leave their classes. Agriculture process thatneeded many people now has been automated and only few people can finish the workfaster. Because of machines and computers, medical discoveries are being foundout faster than ever. Medical education is also more intense now.

The costefficiency of the technology has the advantages and disadvantages at a certainlevel. Technology has shown new ways that people can do things and the machinehave more output than people. This helps the business to save more and they caninvest into other business and this contributes to the growth of economy. But ithas also affected many areas of life negatively. People now depend on the technology andcomputers for everything they do. A person stops to work at once when thecomputer crashed and he will not be productive anymore until the problem hasbeen solved. This dependency makes people less self reliant.

The technologyhas made people to have no value. The computer and other machines haveautomated almost every process and they do the work of 10 people.

As computersand machines become advanced, many people will lose their job and this willimpact them different places of life.

Withtechnology, most businesses now rely on the internet for their everyday work.However, with everything done online including the sales, some people thinkthat impersonal level of the business and some people may not be satisfied as itwas before by dealing with people face to face.

However,the benefits offered by the technology outweigh the disadvantages. People nowcan get the information online at once and the website of the business offermore information about their products, their services with their contact to peoplewho are far from their stores.