Moveover 'Beats by Dre', there are new headphones in town and they promise to be,not just better and sleeker, but revolutionary as well. According to thecompany, Streamz Inc, their product is the beginning of the renaissance in‘’wearable entertainment’’ by being the first headset with an integratedplayer, Wi-Fi connection, storage, high fidelity DAC and amp, color displayand Bluetooth. It is an integration galore that seeks to replace the musicentertainment on the phones and portable music devices as we know it. 

Dubbed 'smart headphones', Streamz has a built-in Android player that stores musicas well as a Wi-Fi connection, allowing a wearer to stream music from onlineservices such as Spotify and Pandora. 

Theheadphones will be presented to the public for the first time form the 6th tillthe 9th January in Las Vegas, and the shipment and sales are expected to startin the first quarter of 2015. 

Thecompany is hopeful that the headphones are to bring a whole new level of musicenjoyment, promising their potential customers that the sound quality will nolonger have to be sacrificed for mobility. According to the company, Streamzheadphones will, for the first time, transmit high resolution 96 kHz/24 bitmusic on the go without a player.

Thishigh resolution audio and music will offer fans a superior quality soundexperience over the widely used compressed formats, such as MP3. This will meanthat the music listened to in high resolution will be closer to what themusicians and sound engineers were working with in the studio and it is theclosest to the actual performance by the artist. 

Streamzis already preparing new software updates for the headphones, including“VOXXI”, a voice controlled module that allows users to select, search and playmusic with Google voice commands. 

Whetherthe Streamz will truly revolutionize the “music on the go” will be evidenced bythe sales and user reception in 2015, however being the pioneer in player-less headphones might prove to be a distinct advantage for Streamz.

Streamzwill display their product at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas,Nevada, during the second week of January - an event that gathers around140,000 people each year. 

CEShas seen some world changing debuts at their show, starting with VCR making adebut in 1970, High Definition Television in 1998 and Blue-Ray disk in 2003.Time will tell if 2015 will be the year of Streamz and the revolution in 'wearable entertainment'.