With a 1080 pixel sleek screen and improved gesture features,Moto X is here to be a good buy option for those wanting to buy an upgradedsmartphone. To start with the screen of Moto X is charming and it will mesmerizeyou to a different level altogether.  Thescreen is backed up with a powerful 13MP camera which is quite similar to whatits counterparts have to offer. It has a curved backing which makes the Moto Xa very easy to handle phone and more comfortable to hold compared to thestraight backing which Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC one 8 has. The device ispretty much safely operable with just a thumb, which is a great strengthconsidering current generation’s multitasking lifestyle.

Othertechnicalities include a 5.2 inch display which is 2.85 inches wide andbeautiful to look at. Though the look is fabulous it feels a bit heavier thanits counterparts, but that is what Moto phones always have had as a brandquality. Moto X also has a speaker grill at the bottom of its front with atextured power button making it easier to switch the device on and off as perneed. The front side has only two options i.e. black and white, but the backhas a larger color options to choose from; to be precise 17 color options areavailable for the back which includes 4 types of color shades of leather dyes and4 types of wood grain shades. The memory is 16GB and 32GB, variable subject tothe price payable for the device.

With its Gorilla glass you can be restassured to not harm the screen even after accidentally drop it, though it’sadvised not to do so.

Moto Xcomes in with the latest Android KitKat version and is up-gradable to the nextversion of android i.e. Android L. Moto X has Moto Voice which is very muchlike the Google Now, which can be activated even without touching thehandset.

Moreover Moto X also showsnotifications even while the phone is sleeping which is another plus point. Alsoto check notifications on you can just wave to open them, no need to touch thescreen thanks to its front facing sensors.

Final verdict is Moto X is a good buy at 40 Euros or moredepending upon the choice of inbuilt memory.