Lisseth told us about her creations and how she decided to become a Fashion Designer. She kindly gave us some designers tips and revealed her plans for the future. But we first asked her about her beginnings of her fashion career.

She was born in Peru, in city Lima. Her grandma was a fashion designer as well. She had a country house where Lisseth would go on the weekends and summer vacations. She used to spend time playing and watching grandma and her aunt while they would design and make beautiful garments for them and for their business. Lisseth told she learned so much from her impeccable European looks.

She also learned from her family about the value of a good education, studying, curiosity and the appreciation of beautiful things. Her mom who is a literacy teacher taught her how to be an independent person. Her family let her be what she wants to be. When she came to the USA she studied English as a second language along with Fashion Design and Jazz Dance. Later on, her passion for fashion led her to study in Paris where she totally fell in love with and deciding to follow her dreams in the fashion world. Lisseth says that being a fashion designer in the United States is truly a blessing for her and makes her dream fulfilled.

Sabina: What are some of the recent fashion shows you were able to be involved in?

Lisseth: I have participated in different major Fashion Shows worldwide, as La Fashion Week, Temecula Fashion Week and my most recent New York Fashion Week, where I had to chance to showcase my designs twice.

New York Fashion Week

Sabina: How did you prepare yourself for your fashion show at NYFW?

Lisseth: We were working for about 8 months in our collection, but not exactly to show on NYFW this year.

Although NY has a nice place in my heart, our plans were a little bit different. However, we heard about this New Yorker well-established fashion company and decided to give it a try. Having, all times, fashion designer icon Carolina Herrera, sitting on the first raw was without a doubt one of the best experiences I ever had!

Ready for the Academy Awards

Sabina: Which celebrities would like to dress for the Academy Awards and why?

Lisseth: I would enjoy dressing Kristen Stewart who I really admire as she works with an organisation that raises money for victims of human trafficking by selling donated shoes online and of course Demi Moore who aims to raise awareness about and eliminate child abuse slavery worldwide by changing cultural stereotypes. To me, beauty is only skin deep; how people impact the world with love and compassion are more meaningful.

Sabina: Where can our readers purchase your designs?

Lisseth: At or stop by to my studio in SD.