Fenty Beauty Collection is the new line of Beauty products created and founded by Rihanna and is newly available in the UK. It has a forty shade selection of liquid foundation, called Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, and compliments women of all complexions, therefore catering to all women.

Products range in price from £8 to higher values, and the quality is perfect for women who are looking for a makeup collection to give them the perfect long-lasting finish, and durable look for all skin tones. Fenty beauty is so popular, the darkest shades of the foundation have been known to sell out fast.

Positive message for all women.

This beauty campaign celebrates diversity and addresses a mainstream beauty industry problem that not all women of all skin tones are catered for by some makeup lines already available in the market. The TV advert has models of all ethnicities and races coming together to promote this new line of cosmetics.

Rihanna stated on her Instagram page, that ‘beauty should always be inclusive’ promoting a positive message in her campaign. The announcement that the new launch of her beauty line was coming to the UK happened in 2016 when she signed a deal with LVMH’s Kendo division.

Great selection of cosmetic products.

There is a varied selection, all with their own design of naming including Trophy Wife high- lighter which is for all-purpose use, for the effect of shimmering eyes, lips and cheeks.

The Galaxy collection which can be seen on the Fenty Beauty website shows a range of products all glitter inspired. Included in the collection, are 20 different shades of concealer.

The magnetic case packaging of the lipsticks is more tidy and convenient to store in any purse compartment. Another great item is a lip-gloss called the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, which has a peachy- bronze colour with a fruity vanilla scent.

Overall, with all the variety of shades and beautiful packaging, this line of cosmetic is one to look out for in the stores or online. The products are good quality and worth the money. More expensive than some high street buys which can be found, but still appealing to most of us who wish for the ideal shade to suit our natural skin tone and a more durable longer wear look.

The products are also named with imaginative names and have concepts, feeding inspiration into our everyday beauty regimen. A must buy, for any everyday beauty creative who would like to achieve a perfect look.