Hannah discovered her real purpose in New York. She realised that photography is something she needs to do and told us about her other photography projects.

Portfolio in New York

Sabina: Hannah, when did you realise that photography is your passion and something you just have to do?

Hannah: I started practising photography while I was living in New York, I was out there working as a textiles designer and used my first bonus to buy my first DSLR camera. From that point, there was no going back. I became friends with some part time bloggers and so every weekend we travelled to photogenic parts of New York City to shoot various looks for their fashion blogs, I loved it.

Once my portfolio started to grow and I became present on social media I began to get inquiries about paid work, which is when I figured I had the potential to turn my passion into my career. So when I moved back to London, that’s what I did.

Sabina: What kind of experience did you gain in New York?

Hannah: I am a self-taught photographer, so my photography experiences in New York were priceless in building my strong photography foundation of knowledge which I now use on a daily basis. New York itself gave me the experience of a lifetime. The City is constantly buzzing with people to meet and events to attend, it definitely lives up to its name of the city that never sleeps. I feel like it gave me the best kick-start to becoming my own creative boss that I could have ever asked for.

Being so far away from my friends and family was also a new experience and encouraged my independence. I am quite happy to go to the cinema and eat out on my own now…it’s a New York thing.

Shooting with a model called Ricki Hall

Sabina: Can you highlight your best projects so far?

Hannah: One of my most favourite projects to date was shooting with a model called Ricki Hall at a barber shop in East London.

I had previously been a big fan of the bearded model and had followed his career from his campaigns for Diesel that was blown up on Times Square to his coining the term 'The Hipster'. It was a great moment for me when I got the call to photograph him, he was a lovely guy and I hope to work with him again.

Sabina: What kind of photography is your favourite and why?

Hannah: I really enjoy look book and lifestyle photography. Shooting varying looks on location and using the natural elements to compose my imagery. I have shot in the studio many times, but I really enjoy using elements of nature and architecture to frame and enhance my images. I think this gives my imagery a point of difference that is hard to replicate and makes it a bit different to the next photographers.

Variety of fashion and lifestyle projects

Sabina: Where do you see yourself in the future, in what kind of projects are you willing to work?

Hannah: In the future I see myself working on a variety of fashion and lifestyle projects around the globe. I would love to build some strong working relationships with a select few clients and work with them very closely to build their brands through the collaboration of their branding knowledge and my photography. I am always open to opportunities abroad, especially in New York, so fingers crossed my work get’s noticed overseas and I gain some traction globally.