It is a fact: most of us look forward to spring to renovate the Decoration of our homes, but why not start now. It may be a good time to start looking at the trends we will not stop seeing this year. We leave you a list of three perfect trends to update your space.

The renovated vintage style with a tropical touch

To refresh a room nothing better than to include a vegetal touch (plants, pots ...) in your environment. If you combine it with elements of renewed vintage style, you will get a unique look. How is this? We find several designers who show us that based on materials extracted from the vintage trend mixed with lines that are more contemporary: straight lines, angles, passion for the diaphanous, you can achieve a very attractive space.

An example of this, you can find it just below, where they also combine it with copper, the fashionable metal of 2017 according to all trend analysis.

Industrial style, like you,'ve never seen it before

For some years we have seen how the Industrial Style was increasingly present in restaurants, lofts, shops ... This year appears renewed and ready to give a look of the most luxurious to our homes. The secret to getting it? Metals. Including the steel, grey and metallic colours in our environment will give a very renewed look. We liked the idea of Sahona Design in which they mix steel with glass in furniture design. This will lighten the weight of this style, and achieve a more open space.

In addition, if you want to renovate your home more thoroughly, this style also proposes a kitchen coated in steel and even the inclusion of beams in the ceiling, usually hidden under the plaster.

Navy blue

Until this year, the undisputed king of colours for the home has been the target. However, we have noticed that the trend for this year is to give a navy blue to the details, which enhances the creation of a modern and fresh space. It also serves to paint one of the walls in this hue, or simply reupholstering the furniture.

In conclusion, all these tendencies, although they seem very different, coincide in some aspect: to bring fresh air to Interior design, without overloads, and of course create a space in which to feel at ease, after all, it is about building a home.