Christmas just arrived and you still got nothing to your girlfriend? Well, there's a couple of hours left before you can avoid ruining the spirit of the season. Let's skip the part that you might had done your research a few times before, let alone the fact that if you don't have the tiniest idea about what to offer to your girlfriend or wife in this season, you may some questions to address. But that's not important now. Let's now check some ideas for last-minutes gifts for your wife or girlfriend. Let's try not to be too simplistic or predictable, so that she could really think you didn't think of this before, but also so that you can give her something to make her feel special, this Christmas.

Silk pyjamas

This is always practical, useful, and very comfortable. You should know her size, of course, but it will for sure be a nice and classy gift.


Does she like to read? If she does, don't hesitate. Everyone who does appreciates to get something new, and preferably something to keep for posterity. It could be Nicholas Sparks or Milan Kundera; it's up to your knowledge about her preferences. Get to your local book store and pick one.


She will always use it, and it will be more meaningful if you know exactly what she likes, or at least those two or three brands she's more connected with. If you don't have a clue and she never mentioned not to like the classic Chanel Nº 5, it could be a good choice.

Because it is precisely that, a classic.


Get her ready for the next year with a cosy and lovely agenda, of surprise her with a notebook.

Epilator and cleansing brush

Relax, you're not saying that she doesn't take care of herself. No one says so when a man is gifted with a beard trimmer. If she's missing something that could make her task of getting pretty easier, go for it.

Sweet Liquor

If she's up to taste a good drink but you won't convince with another wine, take to your local shop and ask for a sweet liquor. Portuguese Licor Beirão could be a good surprise; the secret recipe is being kept secret for almost a century, by the Portuguese family who created it. It's actually a sweet drink and one should really beware and drink responsibly, as it never gets hard or unpleasant. The brand made a famous commercial in 2016, "apologising", on behalf of Portugal, for the way a Portuguese player "assaulted" Harry Kane during the England x Portugal match before the Euro 2016.