We all hear about Formula One's "top Drivers", "rookies" or even "young wolves", after the classic French expression "jeune loup", but we seldom get a picture of the entire grid along those lines. How can we group F1 drivers according to their current results and expectations about what they can deliver? Check this out, now.

Top Drivers: Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel

These are considered the three best drivers on the grid. All three of them have endured successful campaigns against different teammates, for a long time, and are multi-champions. Some, especially Alonso fans, would say that Hamilton did not get performed superbly against Button at McLaren, nor did Vettel against Ricciardo ('14) or Raikkonen ('16).

But all these drivers have maximised their opportunities, and some recall that Alonso might be a triple champion had he found a way past Petrov in Abu Dhabi ('10).

Everyone is thrilled that we're finally having a Hamilton x Vettel fight, and people would want Alonso in the mix; they may be forgetting that's what we'd got in '10, actually.

The case for the Spaniard is that he seems to be at his very best, in spite of his age. If he races until the age Schumacher retires, Alonso has 7 full seasons ahead - still time to get himself a crystal ball and a winning car.

Established Drivers: Bottas, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Perez

These are drivers that have been impressing around half a decade now and are considered to be simultaneously experienced and able to win if given a top car.

They are suffering with the current formula limitations, making hard to midfield drivers or different teams to get a blow and strike for great results. Bottas is the exception here; right now he's already having that golden opportunity in a top car. However, in spite of his good results so far, he is more like strengthening Hamilton's reputation.

Rising Stars: Verstappen, Sainz, Wehrlein, Ocon

These 4 drivers are all very young and rookies, or almost rookies, but have been showing strong pace and reliability. Verstappen showed enough to be considered an Established Driver, really, and the expectations are very high around him. People have not been talking much about Ocon, but here's the thing: Force India is currently the classic two-car team, with two balanced drivers, and no one is reckoning that Ocon, actually, is a rookie.

Veterans: Raikkonen, Massa

Both made their debut in 2001 and were at their peak over the previous decade. Both lost as teammates to Alonso in the current decade, but their consistency and a bunch of circumstances helped them to maintain their seats. Currently, they're doing what is expected of them, and both could still surprise us, given their speed and expertise; but both are believed to go into retirement when they finish their current stints (in Massa's case, for good.)

Career Recovering: Magnussen

K-Mag is a unique case. He was able to bet dismissed by none less than McLaren and Renault, but yet he's managing to be somewhat fast and consistent. It seems he's really thriving in Haas environment.

A good case to watch.

Rookies in Trouble: Palmer, Vandoorne, Stroll

These are young drivers having difficulties to keep up the rhythm, although each one of them in different circumstances. There are already rumours that McLaren was thinking of Vandoorne like a new Hamilton, but he's nowhere near Alonso like Hamilton was a decade ago in his rookie season. Stroll has been slow and inconsistent, and Palmer has not even the excuse of being in his first F1 season.

Going Nowhere: Ericsson, Kvyat

These two drivers appear to be in a dead end. Ericsson did not impress against Brazilian Nasr, and same is happening now with Wehrlein; he may be able to keep his seat due to his sponsoring, but the future is grim.

Same goes for the Russian who lost his seat to Verstappen and is not being able to keep up with Sainz.

What can change here?

Stroll his maximising his opportunities, with points and a podium, and his rhythm was up to Massa in Baku. And Grosjean, in his own words, is having troubles with Haas' brakes since he got there in 2016; he, together with his team, must find answers very soon.

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