A year of turning heads.That was 2016. It had no mercy or pity. It took lives, disasters, jobs and left many people on the street without jobs and houses. It took the UK from the EU leaving a question inside each citizen about: what will it be now? It saw immigrants, lots of them, getting into Germany, Italy, Spain. It gave Donald Trump the Presidency of the USA, something they could never have imagined.

The President of Brazil also suffered and was voted to be out. The country had been living through two years of the worst economic and political crises.

2016 had olympics games in Rio, to cheer us up and the Brazilian football team was forgiven in the Maracana Stadium as they took the gold medal, with Neymar Jr doing his part. In football we had Real Madrid the champions of the World championship and Cristiano Ronaldo leading the golden ball.

There was the tragedy with the plane of the Chapecoense team, leaving the world full of sadness that showed some of the greatest evidence of solidarity, when Atletico Nacional team gave up being champion of South America and Colombia, mounted the greatest tribute to the victims. It was a year of goodness and differences.


Whatever is your most special moment of the year or most painful, 2016 did not leave anyone unharmed.

It was a year of learning. Some will want to forget but, perhaps, it has to be remembered so that we do not make the same mistakes. Whether in winter or summer, people from all over the world will celebrate the arrival of 2017 in three days, wishing for the classics: peace, love, health and money. The clothes will be shinning in different colors showing all kinds of superstition.

And so be it.

Magic wishes

In addition, wishes for more joy and compassion will abound May there be no lack of respect and no prejudice or racism. May politicians do the best for the world and not just for the individual. May there be glances for the children who suffer and the animals that die, daily in the hands of the humans, through hunts and capture.

May the magic words be said and desired in the heart along with truth, so that it reaches the neighbor on the side, on the top, and so on. May the different languages not be barriers to communicate. May 2017 bring more hope for a better world. It may look like a cliche, but if we do not believe it, who will? The future is born every day, it is up to us to cultivate it with good.