Many people have misconception that Kerala wedding is not as interesting as rest of the Indian wedding. However, if you plan your wedding in an organized manner then you can add lots of interesting elements to make it outstand rest of Indian wedding celebration. Currently Kerala wedding is no more about tasting delicious dinner and lunch , it is way beyond it. However adding more elements like entertaining programs before each ritual will make it look better. Given below are the ideas to make Kerala wedding contemporary.

Pre Wedding

Though Keralian wedding is stuffed with loads of rituals but adding dancing ceremony, singing ceremony before each ritual will make it more interesting.

Apart from this adding some regional and traditional performances will transform the traditional celebration to modern and contemporary affair. Kerala wedding varies from state to state, hence you can integrate any kind of conventional entertainment performance by borrowing a cultural heritage leaf from cultural heritage of state. Dance and musical performances like folk dance, mohiniattam, kathakali, thiruvarthira kali , oppana dance at place of bridegroom, can be performed during marraige eve and reception.The decoration can be done in more conventional way by adding light colour modern curtains, daper, designing the stage for bride and bridegroom on modern theme , using of bright lights,artifical fountain and golden pillars makes the interior look more elegant,

Contemporary Style

With modernization, there are many families which are breaking the traditional style and bringing non- traditional form of wedding ceremony.

For those who want different taste from traditional wedding style, here are some ideas to make Kerala wedding contemporary. Using of instrumental fusion which have the ability of lifting the mood of wedding, hiring of orchestral band, DJ performances will make wedding more entertaining. The more you can spend on wedding the better it is.

If you have high budget then you can call Bollywood celebrities, pinch of their appearance and performance will add seven stars to your wedding.

Most of the weddings are aimed at adults but we should not miss that even kids are part of your guest list, hence organising something entertaining for them will make them feel happy, like allotting small rooms for kids stuffed with toys and books.

To make things look more organized you can make a separate dance floor for guest to dance, in the food menu , various drinks can be added and instead of only adding south Indian food , you can add different food stalls like North Indian, Chinese, Bengali, Punjabi, Rajasthani food.

During the ongoing ceremony a small presentation of bride and bridegroom journey can be shown. Apart from this on the makeover font , the bridegroom can wear bright colour saree with combination of pink –golden, cherry red –crimson white on day of wedding. Choosing the destination of wedding is very important, depending on your budget you can choose the destination like booking a resort near beach site, if you are very religious then the temple of your choice.