Religion is heavily influenced by its demographic and geography, irrespective of its place of origin. Thus, a christian living in America has quite a different daily routine and set of rituals than his or her counterpart in India. Indian Christians are heavily influenced by the many other religions being followed here like Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism and many more. Other than the place of worship, there’s almost nothing that can tell an Indian Christian from an Indian non-Christian. These similarities have their effects on how weddings are performed as well.

And thus, Indian Christian weddings are much different than the ones we’re used to seeing in Hollywood movies.

Dressing –

Hollywood has always shown the bride wearing beautiful gowns. This doesn’t always happen in Indian Christian weddings. There are many brides who prefer wearing a Saree or any other dress that it appropriate for the occasion and also comfortable.

Vows –

One of the most beautiful parts of weddings in Hollywood movies are the vows. This is the part when the two partners express their love for each other and promise to be together forever in good times and the bad ones. In India, the vows are given by the church in most weddings. They are pre-written vows which have been going on since centuries and the bride and the groom have to say these only.

Duration –

Unlike Hollywood, which shows short weddings, lasting for not more than 30 minutes, Indian Christian weddings are a much lengthier affair. There’s more than just exchanging vows, slipping the rings and kissing. In most cases, there’s a mass and the sermon mostly goes on for too long. It takes about an hour if not more for the whole ceremony.

The only way to shorten the affair is by deciding to only exchange vows.

Henna –

Because henna is such an important part of Indian culture, influencing major Indian religions of Hinduism and Islam, Indian Christian brides too like to get beautiful mehendi art done on their hands.

Wedding Type –

Not all Christian weddings are love marriages.

That’s what they show in Hollywood movies, perhaps because that’s the American culture. But Indians are heavily invested in a wedding as a complete family and the fact that the two families should gel well, is taken quite seriously here. Therefore, a lot of Indian Christian weddings are arranged as well.

Dress Code –

In Hollywood movies, all women attending a wedding are seen wearing a frock, skirt or a gown. But in India, quite a lot of women can be seen wearing designer Sarees, lehengas or other dresses as well.

Seal with a Kiss –

Not all Indian Christian weddings end with ‘You may now kiss the bride’. Most couples choose to kiss either on the cheeks or not kiss at all. This is a concept made popular by Hollywood movies and is not that popularly followed in Indian Christian weddings.

These are the primary differences but everybody is free to customise the rituals to their taste.