So, all set to tie the knot with a bong beauty? However, there are some things you ought to know if you're about to get married to a bengali girl.

You might be a ladies man and you'd probably think you know all you can about women. But you got to know one fact, Bengali girls aren't everyone's cup of tea.

So for making this 'marrying a Bengali homemaker' process a little bit easier on you, here's a list of things you'd be signing up for, when marrying a Bengali homemaker.

Be ready to have fish served on the table every alternate day.

This isn't a myth or stereotype.

They actually do prefer eating fish over anything else. Of course you'd get variations of it, Like fish curry, fish fry, maach bhaat, etc.

Get ready to witness a lot of art.

If she's a Bengali girl, there are about 99% chances she either sings, dances or has some other talent. Doesn't matter if she's a homemaker, she won't let go of her talent. It isn't even a challenge. You'd love to hear a sweet voice or sounds of ghungroos every now and then. Adorable, isn't it?

She loves literature.

Bengali men and women, are both very intellectual kinds. They love reading, learning and exploring so there's obviously going to be some very intriguing book always kept at your night stand

Pro tip- if you want her to love you more, read some of the books yourself too.

You have to start visiting the theatre very often, even if you aren't a movie buff.

She would want to watch almost every movie that hits the theatres. Doesn't matter which movie, you'll have to take her to watch it. Also, there will be days when you will have to sit by her side at 1am in the night and watch some satyajit Ray flick, be prepared.

Your life is going to be SWEET.

Literally, your life is going to be very sweet with all the authentic Bengali sweets she would be bringing before you every now and then. Just make sure you keep a constant check on your sugar levels.

Side note:

You might want to have a few pair of kurtas on hand, always. She is likely to take you along to a Durga puja on any random day and you can't say NO.

A no is a non existent option here. Bengalis and Durga Pujans go hand in hand.

These are just a few things that you should be looking forward to if you're planning on getting hitched to a bong homemaker. Of course, these are just very few things and the list could go on and on.

Regardless of everything mentioned above, it's a known fact that every women is a totally different kind in her own way. So you would be figuring out how your Bengali damsel is only with experience. Good luck ;)