In today’s world, it is not so easy to become a Fashion designer. The youngsters study fashion designing at the top universities of the world, and dream of getting success in the fashion industry. Across the UK and the US, a lot of fashion houses are being run by creative-minded people. You can become the next Louis Vuitton, Chanel,or Hermes only when you have a distinctive set of characteristics, and the ability to come up the expectations of the consumers. Here we present the list of top clothing houses of the US.


Outlier was founded in 2008.

This Clothing House is based in Brooklyn, New York. Its owner is Jenni Bryant. She is an incredible and talented fashion designer. Jenni designs most of the clothes at Outlier herself. She has collaborated with Abe Burmeister for future projects. The company mainly deals in casual jeans and shirts, prom dresses, wedding outfits, footwear, and luxury handbags. According to Bryant, Abe was a graphic designer and animator so she was confident that he would come up her expectations. In November 2008, the brand launched its OG Pants. On their website, you can find plenty of designer clothes. It sells its items to customers of Australia, America, Italy, England, Canada, and other parts of the world.

This firm is best known for its world class fabrics.


FairEnds came into being just a few years ago. Ben and Martin have founded this brand. They used to sell custom bicycles to a shopkeeper in lower Manhattan. Later on, they came up with an idea of manufacturing clothes. Thus, they formed FairEnds. This brand designs series of custom-made hats, casual outfits, prom dresses, and bridal costumes.

It began its operation in 2011 with no logo and no preciousness.

Rogue Territory

Rogue Territory is a global clothing house. It focuses on handcrafted quality denim goods and apparel. The company is best known for its unique outfits that are made from soft fabrics. It is based in Los Angeles, California. Rogue Territory was founded in 2008.

In Fall 2009, this brand launched its collections of menswear, and children’s wear. So far, the collection has grown, and now the firm sells trousers, work shirts, jackets, shirts, leather goods and fashion accessories to its global customers.