Now that you learned about the bronze Smokey eye look in Part 1, you can master the last two types of Smokey eye styles and have a set of options to pick from for a night out. This selection should not only let you mix and match when you swap out a variety of colors in your wardrobe, but also give you the ability to change it up to keep your look fresh.

Neutral Smokey Eye

This approach is a great everyday look that you can wear to work or out and about on your daily rounds. Your eyes are sure to stand out, but the colors help to make the look more natural and not too overdone.

For this look, you need to get out your light browns, whites, and neutral colors.

1. Prime those eyelids, as we covered in the bronze Smokey eye look. Your base color for this is going to be a darker shade of white to fill your eyelid.

2. Pick out a lighter white to put a line across your eyebrow bone.

3. For the outer lid, you want a lighter brown.

4. Now blend the lighter brown outer lid color with the whites, moving outward.

5. Next, take the light brown and apply it to the lower lid, but keep the application light.

6. Now get your eyeliner and apply that to your upper lid. Smudge the liner a bit to make it have that smoky effect.

7. Last, add your mascara to pop open your eyes.

Blue Smokey Eye

Like the Bronze Smokey eye look, the blue Smokey eye effect is more of a night time, party look.

It’s great for an evening out or a party, and it has a very stunning, eye-catching effect. You’ll need to get out your blue shadows and pencils, as well as some shimmer for this look.

1. Prime your eyelids. After that’s done, get some shimmer powder as a base.

2. Get a light blue eyeliner pencil and start your line at the center of your lid, moving outwards.

You need to draw it like a cat eye, winging the outer edge.

3. Get a medium toned blue eye shadow with no shimmer and fill the eyeliner area you drew.

4. Smudge the blue a bit just on the inner part of your eyelid.

5. For the overall goal effect, you want to make sure that outer lid is darker than the inner lid, which is a tip to help you make the look appear perfect.

6. Next, you want a shimmer-free dark blue eyeshadow to go over the crease and blend.

7. Now, get your shimmer again and hit the inner part of your eyelid, blending the look.

8. Your eyeliner should be blue and go along the upper lash line. Smudge it a little bit. Last, finish your eyeliner off with a waterline.

9. And, of course, don’t forget the mascara to make your eyes pop.

So now that you’ve got three new ways to get that Smokey look perfected. You can capture a great daytime look with the neutral Smokey eye, and you have two great choices for night time Smokey eyes. You should be all set to match the season’s trends and colors. So attack your approachsocializing with confidence knowing your eyes are going to be radiant.