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Beautiful Blue Eyes

Now girls with blue eyes don’t have the wide selection available to them, but they still have some of the trendiest colors this season available to them for wear.

This season, if you’ve got blue eyes, the major hit color to wear is a brown-tinted orange. But luckily, you aren’t just limited to that. Other trendy eye colors for your eyes are silver, taupe, violet, dark blue, rose and brown. Now, if you want to make your eyes pop this season, use those rose and warm brown colors.

Not only are they in style, but they will also bring out your blue eyes fantastically and make them pop.

On the other hand, with your eye color, there are a few things you want to make sure you avoid. Aqua or other medium blue shades that tend to match your blue eye color will not create that popping contrast effect. Avoid them at all costs. Instead, you want a shadow color that is going to contrast your blue or be a totally different color, and you will be able to enhance your eyes.

Gorgeous Green Eyes

If you’ve got green eyes, you might also have a light skin tone and some freckles to boot. This fact is often true for many women with green eyes. So if your complexion is anything like this, you want to stay away from very deep or shiny eye shadow colors.

It won’t bring out your look.

On the other hand, some other green-eyed women have olive complexions. If you fall into this category, you want to stay away from silver and blue shadows. They won’t be effective for bringing out your eye color and your skin tone.

One super-hot shade for women with green eyes is pimento brown. It’s a cool reddish brown that won’t overdue your appearance but will not only be trendy but look great with your eye color.

Another general rule for women with green eyes is that brown eyeshadow tones look great on them, and they are also very trendy this season. Almost any shade of brown that isn’t too deep will work effectively and make your eyes pop.

Hot Hazel Eyes

If you’ve got hazel eyes, know that everybody else is jealous. You’re able to use a wide selection of shades because you’ve got an advantage over brown or blue eyes: unlike them, you don’t have to depend on a specific shade or two to enhance your eyes.

You can use more colors and play around more. Lucky you.

Your one thing to avoid is a too much blue shadow. Overdoing blue can hide your pretty peepers, creating the opposite effect of what you want to achieve with your Makeup look, which is to bring out your eyes.

The trendy colors of the season that will look best on you are going to be more neutral, like browns (khaki and mocha are hot), as well as pinks. You can also go a little bolder with golds, pinks, and purples for evenings out. Teal is a very trendy and effective color for you; it will make your color pop.