There has been a big controversy in the last couple of years with NFL players kneeling during the US national anthem at the beginning of American football games by way of silent protest against the police brutality and racial inequality going on in the United States. US President Donald Trump and others have always been dead against this, saying that it is disrespectful towards the country and the people who founded it.

Now, the NFL have enforced a new policy whereby teams will now face fines if any of their players kneel during the national anthem.

This is taking away their right to protest racism, but still, Trump is saying that the organisation are “doing the right thing.” When asked to comment on the new policy during an interview on the Fox News Channel, the President simply responded, “I think that’s good.”

Players can still stay in the locker room during the anthem

While the players are now prohibited from kneeling during the national anthem, the new policy is lenient in that it will let them stay in the locker room to sit it out, so they can still protest that way. Trump is unhappy with that. He said, “I don’t think people should be staying in the locker rooms,” but he did say that it’s a good policy.