A Manchester United fan has been stabbed on Wednesday night, 6th March, by a taxi driver in Paris. The incident happened after the defeat of Paris Saint-Germain by the Manchester United in the Champions League.

The BBC quoted a spokesman of Britain's foreign ministry as saying in an interview, "We are in touch with the French authorities following an incident involving a British man in Paris on March 6 and stand ready to offer assistance if required."

Paris taxi driver stabbed 44-year-old Manchester United fan

The 44-year-old victim and his friends were celebrating the United's 3-1 win against the Paris Saint-Germain

when the taxi driver pulled over and started threatening the victim's female friend.

The victim decided to interfere on the threat that was made by the driver that resulted in him being stabbed on his chest by a weapon described as 'a large blade'.

The taxi driver was arrested shortly by the police. However, the weapon used was not found on the scene where the stabbing occurred. The local police of Paris has not yet commented on the stabbing accident.

The 44-year-old victim was immediately taken to the European Georges-Pompidou Hospital in Paris following the attack on the chest where he needed emergency surgery. The victim is currently recovering in the European Georges-Pompidou Hospital from a stab wound and is hoping to release on Monday.

The spokesperson of Manchester United has expressed the club's thoughts towards the accident, "We were shocked to hear about the incident with one of our fans who was stabbed while in Paris for the Champions League game.

Everyone at the club wishes him well during his recovery."

The victim stabbed is recovering from surgery at European Georges-Pompidou Hospital

The victim has undergone an operation in removing some blood from his lung due to the stab wound he attained from the attack in Paris. The victim and his group were traveling to Central Paris from Parc de Princes when the taxi driver pulled over and ordered the celebrating group to leave.

The Foreign Office is communicating with the French authorities regarding the stabbing incident that occurred after the United's 3-1 win against Paris Saint-Germain.

The fan was reportedly in a taxi celebrating the victory when the incident happened. According to reports he will be released from the hospital Sunday or Monday. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more updates on this news.