The suspended defensive lineman of Dallas Cowboys David Irving was on Instagram live expressing his thoughts on NFL’s policy on marijuana usage.

Cowboy’s Irving said live on Instagram that he is prepared to “quit” NFL while smiling and holding a marijuana joint. The defensive lineman mentioned, “Pass the blunt, bro” on a live feed.

25-year old Cowboy’s Irving finally said 'I quit' on Instagram

The 25-year-old was suspended by NFL on his third violation based on the abuse policy of the NFL. Irving mentioned on his Instagram post that he is great at what he does in the NFL.

However, contrary to widely-held beliefs, he insisted that he's not an Eagle Scout nor a perfect model citizen.

'So like I said, it ain’t about smoking weed, David Irving said live on Instagram

The 17-minute Instagram video of the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive lineman included profane language while lighting a joint explaining how many NBA players, UFC players, and actors are getting in trouble for smoking joint? He was solidifying this issue in comparison with football players like him.

Irving, 25, deeply expressed his emotions towards the policy with words, “Basically, guys, I quit. I’m out of there.” He has already decided to quit the NFL while holding a sizeable joint and lighting it up. Irving’s stance on the NFL’s drug use policy did not go well, hence, he got suspended after playing only two games.

The former NFL player expressed thoughts on 'Opioid', 'Xanax' bars and 'Seroquel'.

The 25-year old’s opposing thoughts on the NFL’s drug policy on marijuana has brought attention to the public on his Instagram post. The Cowboys’ defensive lineman has only played two games in 2018. The NFL suspended player has also mentioned some thoughts about how he gets concussions every day and crashing cars and other things.

The Cowboys' defensive lineman persisted that marijuana is medical and that he would rather be addicted to it and is not considered a drug. The 25-year-old suspended NFL player also mentioned, "I do not consider it a drug - rather than Xanax bars or the ‘hydrocodone’ or the Seroquel that they feed you.”

Irving, defensive lineman of Dallas Cowboys will stand for what he believes in

Irving, 25, mentioned he’s going to stand for what he believes in.

Prior to ending his Instagram post, he also mentioned that he’s living with it and he will not be forced into doing something. He added that he is not a bad guy for choosing the route he’s in right now and that he will not play for free.