Australian cricketer Steve Smith received a ban from both international and Australian domestic Cricket following the "Sandpaper-gate" ball-tampering scandal in 2018. Smith, Warner, and Bancroft got bans, but Bancroft's ended this month. For Warner and Smith, March 2019 will see them able to return to the game. The reputation of Australian cricket was tarnished following the incident in South Africa. However, Vodafone Australia thinks something about the ex-captain, Smith is laudable. So laudable in fact, that they are using him in a corporate sponsored Vodafone network ad called "Gutsy is calling.

" Cricket fans on Twitter are not impressed.

Australia Vodafone thinks Smith's gutsy for taking responsibility for cheating

When it all came down and the ball-tampering made it on our screen's Smith came clean, admitting that yeah, he knew about it, he took responsibility for it. In fact, the leadership team knew about it and in his own words, they thought it was a good way to "get an advantage." It's actually hard to imagine what else he could have said, seeing they were actually caught red-handed on camera. In the new Vodafone commercial he is talking about "his ordeal in Cape Town after he admitted to hatching a plan to tamper with the ball in the second Test against South Africa," India Today reported.

If having to admit to cheating is an ordeal, well for Australia, it a was a huge embarrassment. Some cricket fans on Twitter think Vodafone are sending the wrong message to upcoming cricketers. They took to Twitter to have their say about it.

Cricket fans on Twitter don't think Smith's a hero

On Twitter, most of the cricket fans expressed anger.

Some people did say that Smith has done his time and tried to make things right. After all, he admitted it, and since then, spent time with Gus Worland teaching young people about how to deal with tough conversations. The Vodafone site says, Smith also shared "his experience with the junior leagues, and has been playing again with Sutherland Cricket Club.

They suggest that watching him come back as a positive "force for change" is "gutsy."

Naysayers on Twitter think otherwise. @Bob65931143 posted, "Message to kids. Cheat..Get a smack on wrist then exploit the hell out of it, regain position in team and keep exploiting the hell out of it." Meanwhile, @biggsintweets posted, "Imagine being paid money by a sponsor for playing GRADE CRICKET because you’re banned for cheating from all other formats. . What a hero. SO GUTSY."

Other people were a bit more forthright and this one below held no words back, likening it to "polishing a t*rd."

Vodafone hero talks to the press

Steve Smith is set to address a press conference on Friday.

Coming after the advert, there are bound to be questions about that and how he became an ambassador to a massive company. What do you think about Vodafone making a hero out of a cheat? Follow the Blasting Pop Cricket channel for more about the Australian cricket team.