Although La Liga is considered one of the best domestic competitions due to the quality of the teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid have won almost all these titles since 2005. During those 13 years, the only team capable of destroying that dynasty has been Atletico Madrid.

That extremely solid team managed by Simeone broke all the predictions doing it also in the Camp Nou, where they earnt a draw to deny Barcelona from winning the competition. Indeed, the goal scored by Godin is one of the most important feats in the history of the team.

The Argentinan manager has been capable of eliminating Barcelona twice in the Champions League and also winning La Liga in their stadium, however, he has never won against them in the Spanish tournament.

In those 13 matches, he has just earnt four points, a statistic that he is obviously keen to change.

A league of many

Barcelona 24, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid and Alaves 23. Those are the top four teams in the most exciting season of La Liga since perhaps 2014 when there were three teams fighting until the end for the title.

Surely it is hard to think that Alaves or Espanyol, who has 21 points and is above Real Madrid, are able to maintain these expectations during the whole year. Nonetheless, the biggest contenders are all having a bad start of the season that is endangering their usually privileged position.

Statistically, this is the worst beginning of the Simeone's Atletico Madrid, and yet they are just one point behind Barcelona.

Precisely, Valverde's team has already lost against Betis and Leganes and drawn with Girona or Valencia, and yet they are leading the competition.

Real Madrid is rising again

A survey of this strange Spanish first half of the season is that Lopetegui made play Real Madrid extremely well in the beginning, but after a clear deterioration cost him the position in the team.

Then, Solari took charge and after four victories, everything looks brighter around Los Blancos. Mostly, he has not changed anything but Benzema is scoring again and the defenders are making fewer mistakes than before. Nowadays, the supporters are wondering if it might be another classic season at Real, a bad starting and an eventual triumph in the Champions League.

Apart from the three favourites, Sevilla may keep the pace longer, considering that they are resting many players in the Europa League to be fresh in La Liga. Clearly, they have focused on reaching glory in a competition that they were so close to winning in 2007 when Los Blancos got the prize.