The English Premier League has 20 teams, but clearly, Liverpool is above all of them, The Daily Mail noted. Liverpool is fully equipped with players from their forwards, midfielders, defense and goalkeepers. However, nobody can deny that James Milner has been the guy from Liverpool and was truly phenomenal through their first six games.

The Rise of James Milner

The 32-year-old native of Wortley, Leeds, United Kingdom was utilized in many positions but he might have found his calling as a midfielder. Throughout his career, Milner showed artistry and consistency, which is the reason why he is arguably the best Englishman right now in the league.

With the guidance of their Captain, Jordan Henderson, and their charismatic manager Jurgen Klopp, The Reds are on a mean streak. Probably the biggest game that they had in the opening week was against Neymar’s club.

Approximately three weeks ago, Neymar was asked about the top four clubs in the league and he didn’t name Liverpool. According to the streaky forward, Manchester City will be the champions this season, followed by Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham. The fans were furious about his comments and The Reds didn’t like it. Milder didn’t display any intimidation as he led The Reds in beating Paris Saint-Germain at Anfield with the score of 3-2. Liverpool has now won a total of 6 games; no defeat with a total of 18 points.

The Reds vs The Blues

Liverpool’s next game will be intriguing to say the least, as they will go head to head with Chelsea. For those who haven’t watch any games by Chelsea F.C, they are missing an intricate part of what the game is all about. Even Jurgen Klopp is a fan of Maurizio Sarri, the unorthodox head coach of The Blues.

They are currently third in the Premier League, but they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Manchester United breaks revenue record

The last time “The Red Devils” won the Premier League was when they were managed by Sir Alex Ferguson. It’s been five long years since they’ve tasted victory and their fans are already getting anxious. Manchester United is currently 7th on the standing and are eight points behind Liverpool.

However, there’s something to cheer about as it was reported by the Deloitte Football Money League that they are once again op top when it comes to revenue. According to league sources, the historic club brought £590 lending on June 30th, 2018. This was an increase of 1.5 percent, actually provides further motivation for the club to perform on another level. They might be in a slight hole right now, but they do have the tools to be back on top the Premier League.