JR Smith is no stranger when it comes to playing on the big stage. He has already proven himself as a big-time player and it is also the reason why he is still playing in the NBA. Smith is already a 14-year veteran and still going strong. However, when it is all said and done, he is going to be remembered as the player who created the biggest blunder in Cavs history in the game against the Golden State Warriors which had an eventual 124-114 overtime loss.

The 'JR Smith Game'

The swingman from New Jersey is enigmatic but does create some crazy antics from time to time.

When he was still playing with the New York Knicks, JR Smith used to untie the shoelace of his opponents. When he was traded to the Cavaliers, he went to the bench and greeted Jason Terry not knowing that the ball was already inbounded. The Bucks capitalised on JR’s “mistake" and scored on that possession.

The game yesterday was a little different as it was the Superbowl of NBA. With a few seconds left in the game, the Cavaliers were in the perfect position to win the game. However, George Hill missed a crucial free throw, but JR Smith was able to gather the rebound. Then “JR Smith” happened. Instead of calling a timeout or shooting the ball, he ran from the painted area to the three-point line.

Everybody who was in the building, including millions of fans watching at home were bewildered by his action.

ESPN’s ‘First Take’ commentator Stephen A. Smith then called it as the “JR Smith Game”. Multiple sports journalists also are still in awe and curious about what he was thinking during that play. Eventually, the Cavaliers weren’t able to bounce back as they looked derailed after that play.

Twitter world went into berserk mode and several memes about JR was created. He was asked about what his mindset was when he grabbed the offensive rebound. He thought that they were going to call a timeout that’s why he ran out of the painted area.

LeBron James' walked out

LeBron James, who was visibly angry with what had happened wasn’t in a great mood during the press conference.

One of the ESPN reporters was baiting James to blame his teammates, specifically his shooting guard. Knowing “The King”, he isn’t fond of throwing his teammates under the bus. The reporter kept on asking James the same question which triggered LeBron to walk out.

As reported, hashtag #JRSmith was trending all over the world. There’s no doubt he will learn from this crazy experience, but the magnitude of damage is already done. Physically, emotionally and mentally, they are already drained. Las Vegas also upped the ante by giving them +12.5 margin in the betting odds.