The rumors are actually true that Kendall Jenner is no longer dating NBA star and power forward for the Detroit Pistons, Blake Griffin. However, in an amazing turn of events, she was able to find a new boyfriend in the person of Ben Simmons. Yes, the sensational point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers.

It is fully documented that Kendall and her sister Khloe are fond of dating athletes - specifically NBA players. Basing on their track record, they have dated at least 7 NBA players combined. Kendall has dated notable players such as Jordan Clarkson of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chandler Parson of Memphis Grizzlies, and D’Angelo Russell of Brooklyn Nets.

Blake Griffin is the biggest star among them until it was reported a few hours ago that she is indeed seeing a rising star in the NBA.

Kendall and NBA Stars

Ben Simmons is still considered a rookie, although it is his second year in the league already. His first year didn’t turn out the way he planned as he was plagued with a season-ending injury. The 76ers' management was criticized for picking him in the lottery, but that quickly changed when he showed the world his unparalleled skill. Simmons is now considered a star in the making and probably the heir of LeBron’s throne. Unlike any other player, Simmons is outspoken - but he might try to slow down, especially when attached to the Kardashians.

The Kardashian family doesn’t really need an introduction. They are considered as the most famous showbiz family that we have right now. Also, as reported, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are neck and neck when it comes to followers in their social media account. Kendall has a total of 88 million followers in Instagram while the majority of people can’t even reach 10 thousand.

Ben and Kendall were spotted together, but no photographs were taken. They were seen being cozy while drinking some alcohol. Last week, Simmons broke up with singer Tinashe which sparked the rumour about him cheating. Tinashe's brother already called out Ben Simmons but the NBA prodigy hasn’t responded yet.

The Kardashian Curse

The 76ers' fans are also not a fan of Simmons' attachment to Kendall Jenner. The main reason being due to the “Kardashian curse". The curse has been circulating the sports world for a number of years already. Basically, it is the notion that anybody attached to the Kardashians or, in this case, the Jenners will experience bad luck in their careers. Remember Lamar Odom, who was destined to have a stellar career? Well, it didn’t happen; he wasn’t ready for the spotlight and the Hollywood life.