TAOM Snooker Chalk V1 launched a few months ago amid a frenzy of pros and amateurs all raving about how it was the real deal for snooker.

In fact, 2005 World Champion Shaun Murphy called it the best thing in snooker in 100 years.

However, like any product, there is a honeymoon period where it has a frenzy of buyers and fans, and then, soon, the product love wears out and the sales start to slump.

Some pros on the World Snooker circuit began to see miscues, others had the odd kick, and others reverted back to the good old Triangle chalk - better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

However, now, the guys at Taom have launched the all new improved version 2.0 of the Taom Chalk and, the reaction from the pros seems to have gone into frenzy mode again.

This time, they claim the all-new version has got rid of the miscues.

Quite what the secret ingredients are in Taom is a mystery that only those in the know, know.

Real Deal?

2015 World Snooker Champion Stuart Bingham, who was one of several pros to have purchased TC 1.0 got hold of TC V2.0 and tweeted: "Don't know how you can improve on the best chalk out there, but if you say you have, then let's give it a go!"

2015 Shanghai Master Kyren Wilson, who earlier on this year said the chalk was giving players more miscues, also tweeted he was "really impressed" with the new version and was looking forward to using it in upcoming events.

Welsh Open champion John Higgins, according to Eurosport, claimed he was using Triangle Chalk because of miscues as well.

Anthony McGill, a runner-up this season in the Indian Open, tweeted that he had to stop using the first version of the chalk due to miscues, but he added, "this is the real deal."

Triangle Chalk and the Triangle Pro are much cheaper than Taom, but it's claimed that this chalk is messy and kicks the balls a lot.

Keep the hype going

The price tag for the new version of Taom is still 15 Euros or 13 pounds.

Only time will tell if the chalk really does live up to the version 2.0 hype that is written on the tin.

In fact, on the Taom website, it reads: "Green Taom chalk is the revolution of the chalk industry. No more miscues, no more kicks, or bad contacts, grips the spin more than any other."

It adds: "Does not mess the balls or the cloth.

Lasts almost twice as longer as any other product on the market. Handmade in Finland."

Amateurs have been eager to get their hands on the new chalk but with some paying up to 20 quid on eBay to get their hands on some of V1, then forking out another 20 quid for another one, certainly dents the wallet.

You've got to give Taom their due though, they've done what good businesses do. Listened to their customers and what can be improved on the product, and tried to rectify it.

Watch this space, or should we say, keep watching this chalk!

Visit taomtips.com for more details on their products.