Snooker Professionals are raving about a new chalk released claiming it reduces kicks and is cleaner than the run of the mill.

But, there is a catch, as Taom snooker chalk comes at a hefty price - for one chalk - at 13 Pounds 15 Euros a pop.

Top 16 player Mark Allen tweeted: "You could be onto something with this chalk. 32 frames played today and not a single kick so far. Well done."

Another pro, Matthew Selt tweeted: "Minimal to zero kicks, leaves no marks on the table, no marks on the balls. It's awesome."

Even amateurs are impressed. One from Finland wrote: "It's great - takes chalk to a completely new level."

The snooker blogger added: "Depending on how much you play.

My friend started using his last winter/spring and still has lots to go. Plays actively."

No ordinary chalk?

With the Ordinary Triangle chalk, produced by Tweeten, there could well be a boom in this Taom chalk some time down the road as players end up abandoning the popular brand for this - especially if it claims to reduce kicks and to be cleaner on the table.

A single piece of the popular Triangle chalk, the green variety, can cost you just 45p or under, with a box of 12, at £5.50. But, you do get through them quickly.

Recently, Tweeten produced the Pro version of the chalk, which is a little bit more expensive as a piece of that would cost you up to £2.00, and at least £20 for a box.

The great kick debate in snooker rolls on as players - led by the likes of 2005 World Champion Shaun Murphy have been championing new ways to try and keep kicks to a minimum in the game.

Kick Debate: Possible Causes

Some players have argued for balls to be cleaned with a special cleaner, others have argued for a change of balls more regularly, like they do in tennis, some claim kicks are down to poor cueing and poor contacts, whilst others claim it's to do with temperature and conditions on the table.

And some claim that there should be thicker cloths on the tables.

Finland's Robin Hull also used Taom chalk, and added: "Better than anything on the market."

11-times World Ladies Champion Reanne Evans got a sample and Tweeted she was giving it a "whirl".

Other types of chalk include Elkmaster, who do the tips as well in pro version.

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for.

Taom appear to be catering for the high end of the snooker market, with a pricey product which has got everyone intrigued.

They also do jump and break pool cue tips.

They also have the chalk available for pool players, at the same price.

Go to and check out the chalk for yourself.

The buzz comes as the World Six Reds Championship leaves just two players in the final over the weekend, with Mark Williams the first Welsh player to appear in a six red final.

Thailand's Thepchaiya Un-Nooh is seeking a second World Six Reds crown, as he won it back in 2015.

Both semi-finals were won by the same scoreline - 7 - 3.

The final is a best of 15 with the winner pocketing a hefty £80,000 +