Anthony Mcgill is a busy bee when it comes to snooker. Not only he is the two-time ranking winner touring the World playing in competitions on the World tour, he is also taking time in between to offer to coach in his private home and also showing the public online via Youtube how to play.

McGill, 26, who won last season the Indian Open and the one frame Shootout as a ranking event for the first time, is one of the few professionals to take the time out to show the public how to play, giving them a glimpse of some of his practice routines.

Some are, by standards of club players, difficult to say the least, but it is a testimony to a player who is willing to take the time to liaise with the snooker fans, and in some small way help try and improve their game.

The dreaded screw shot

In McGill's latest video (see above), he explains how to play the screw shot, one of the most talked about shots in the game of snooker.

Many people fear the dreaded screw shot because they fear they will miscue or indeed they fear they won't get the desired amount of screw needed to position the cue ball.

One of the other players who has dipped into the online world of showing you coaching from the comfort of their baize table is the former World Champion 2005, Shaun Murphy.

Ironically, in McGill's channel, he has ignored some of the basics of stance, grip, and shown you some of his more "difficult" routines such as making a 100 break from potting reds on the cushion and getting onto the black and pink every time.

It seems snooker coaching is becoming popular online with coaches delivering tips and tricks on Youtube.

Famous coaches online

Barry Stark, who coaches the top player Kyren Wilson, who also has appeared in one of Stark's videos to illustrate a good technique, also has a weekly channel which provides useful tips on basics, mindset and cueing.

Nic Barrow, whose youtube channel slashed the 10,000 view barrier recently, also posts regular videos on everything to visiting snooker clubs across the globe, as well as talking to cue makers, and even having had a cue made from a cue maker when on his travels.

The best snooker Youtube channels to view for regular tips and advice are:

1) Barry Stark snooker coaching

2) Nic Barrow of The Snooker Gym

3) Snooker Secrets with Roy Chisholm

4) Anthony McGill

5) Shaun Murphy

Members of The Snooker Forum also known as TSF say it's great to see a top player take the time out to help keep snooker thriving at grassroots level, as McGill does a lot for the junior scene in scotland and Glasgow.

One commented regarding one of his routines in his videos: "Saw yesterday, and yes, quite difficult, but I think his previous video of going for a ton with two reds stuck on the cushion and with just pink and black is even more insane. So much accuracy required! No wonder why he's a pro and a mighty good one. Bright future."

McGill will be defending his Indian Open title by playing his first round match in India against Aditya Mehta in September at the main event.

The qualifiers will be played in the beginning of August.