Roger Federer has been experiencing a genuine resurrection over the last fourteen months or so. Coming back from a career-threatening injury, Federer picked up the loose threads to storm the entire ATP system and to capture three out of the last five major tennis events. But, that was not all as he encountered further success in the Masters 1000 events and ATP 500s respectively.

But, for Roger Federer, this apparent fountain of youth he's been bathing in recently, can hardly be seen as a lasting trend. Constantly amazed or rather mesmerized by a collection of unique tennis skills, some people have a tendency to forget the Swiss player will turn 37 later this year in August.

The day that Federer will step off the stage

At some point that may not be that far in the future, Roger Federer will make that announcement regarding the end of his career as a professional tennis player. But, until that moment arrives, rivers of water will have passed under the bridge.

Given his latest results, Roger Federer seems quite far from that ending scenario. It's impossible to not think about Federer heading into retirement, but one can still hope that moment sits far away in a timeline yet to unfold.

Last year, the news of Roger Federer having signed a deal with the Basel event up until 2019 emerged. Getting involved in a thin speculatory system, it seems only reasonable to pinpoint the next season as a possible ending.

But, there could be an extension. The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo seems now within range. Back in 2016, Federer made pursuing an Olympic gold medal the primary goal. He failed to even participate in Rio due to that knee injury. What seemed unrealistic at that time is getting traction now. Federer is riding a golden horse and a last Olympic bid would make a perfect scenario to a glorious ending.

Roger Federer is yet to know the taste of defeat in 2018

Capturing the 2018 Australian Open was the perfect way to kick off the current season. After a second Hopman Cup triumph, Federer reigned supreme in Melbourne for the second year in a row. Extending his winning streak with another perfect run in Rotterdam brought the world No.

1 position back into Federer's courtyard.

Watching his career so majestically approaching the finish line makes most of us truly sad at the idea that he won't be sticking around forever. That thought of Roger Federer making a retirement announcement is a tennis fan's biggest nightmare.