The last time Liverpool and Everton faced each other, there was a similar match than the one played yesterday. Certainly, the local team was pushing forward to take a victory since the beginning, and they got the lead after a controversial penalty scored by Milner.

But as happened a month ago, Everton, with their only shot on target, scored the equalizer. Probably, they did in the best move of the game. It was finished by Sigurdsson, after a nice touch done by Jagielka, who surprisingly, was running towards the goal, acting as a striker.

After that, Liverpool was trying to reach the second goal and the entrance of Solanke gave the team the strength that it needed.

Thus, with Everton defending and hoping to win the Merseyside derby in the reply match, it came the decisive corner.

Virgil the man

Certainly, this match between the neighbors will be remembered for the impact of Van Dijk during the derby. Before scoring his goal through a header, he was showing his best qualities as defending. Perhaps the quantity of money spend for him it is exaggerated, but indeed, this may not be his concern.

On the other hand, the prices nowadays paid for the players are raising up every year, and with teams such as Manchester City, Manchester United, and PSG, this situation probably will continue like this.

Therefore, the Dutchman was simply imperial, and apparently, the long pursuit that Liverpool has done towards him has been rewarded since the beginning.

Now, he must triumph among the defenders, a position difficult to play in this offensive Liverpool, where those players are too exposed to the other team' strikers.

Manchester United goes through

Until the goal of Lingard, it seemed another disappointing match for Manchester United, who was being the team who dominated the game.

Still, they had to wait too long, but eventually, the young player gave the led to his team, and when the match was almost finished, Lukaku scored the second.

Today, Manchester City will try to keep going, probably with a team full of substitutes. Apart from them, Chelsea shall play in Norwich.

Diego Costa returns to La Liga

The striker of Atletico Madrid will be welcome to the Spanish competition after more than three years.

And yet, it looked like he never left.

Precisely, he made his mark during this week, when he was playing in Copa del Rey, and after just five minutes, he scored a goal.

Moreover, Sevilla against Betis, considered as one of the best derbies in Spain, will be a delight for the supporters of La Liga.