Since 2008, the Reds have not been capable of going through to the second round in the Champions League. Moreover, during that season, Liverpool did their last extraordinary match in the most important European Competition. With a team integrated by Torres, Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, and Mascherano, among others, Anfield Road was the place where Real Madrid lost catastrophically 4-0 after an outstanding performance played by the local team.

Curiously and even though he received four goals, the best player on the Spanish team was the goalkeeper, Casillas.

Indoudably, that was another amazing night for Liverpool in Europe, something quite common during the lustrum in which Rafa Benitez was managing the squad. In fact, other great teams such as Chelsea, Barcelona or Arsenal were eliminated in the atmosphere of such a magnificent stadium.

Sadly for Liverpool, those years are long gone, and the last time they were close to reaching the second stage, they couldn't beat Basel at home. Precisely, that match was the last one with Gerrard in the Champions League, and although he scored a nice free-kick and was leading the team towards the victory, eventually they drew against the Swiss team and were out too early for the tournament.

Liverpool needs a victory to secure the first spot

Otherwise, that place might end up in Sevilla's hands, they need a victory to pass the round, and they will face the already eliminated Maribor. But if Spartak Moscow wins at Anfield Road, Liverpool will reach the next stage as long as the Spaniards fail to win.

Certainly, it will be a definitive matchday for the three teams and considering all of them depend on themselves to go through the second round, it seems that perhaps, in the end, two of them will write this day on the golden marks of their history.

Though Liverpool has won five Champions League and Sevilla has lifted the same numbers in the Europe League/Uefa Cup, they have not shown themselves among the elite of Europe lately. Today is a perfect opportunity for the English, the Spanish and the Russians to keep in the tournament.

Manchester City and Tottenham play tonight

Having already classified as first in their groups, the two English teams will most likely use many substitutes in their matches today. Specially Guardiola, knowing they have to play at Old Trafford during the weekend, may rest their eleven main players.

On the other hand, the Londoners will try to recover some traces of the dynamism that have been lost in the last weeks. Indeed, Kane, Alli or Erisken are not shining as they did against Real Madrid, Liverpool or Dortmund. Anyway, it is hard to blame them after finishing first on a group integrated by the Spanish and the Germans.

Furthermore, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur will be expecting the draw to be celebrated the next week, with the certainty of English football rising in the Champions League again, after many years with a real candidate moving through to the last stages.