The San Antonio Spurs are still one of the elite teams in the NBA, but they also need some reinforcements. The game of basketball is like any other sports, it’s all about durability. Here are some names that will surely help the team in Texas.

Arguably, Spurs are the most seasoned team in the NBA. They have proven time and time again they can go toe-to-toe against anybody in the league. The “beautiful game” that was developed by head coach Gregg Popovich still proves its worth. However, for it to work fully, they need more vital pieces in their system.

Spurs have a lot of options this All Star break. They can either sign players through sign and trade, or, they can pick up players via a free agency. Expect the front office of San Antonio Spurs to be very busy the first week of February. So who is available and plausible for them to pick up?

The guard position needs help

It is no secret the point guard and shooting guard position of San Antonio needs some help. Tony Parker has been dealing with injuries and even the brilliance of Patty Mills and Dejounte Murray as backup point guard seems to be lacking for the Spurs. Among the names that are rumoured that could join the team are, multiple All Star Kyle Lowry of Toronto Raptors, the rejuvenated Tyreke Evans, and former Spur George Hill.

Now there are pros and cons in getting one of these players. First, getting Kyle Lowry means the Spurs need to have shipped Murray and another player. Also, getting Lowry makes the Spurs more fragile considering he is also injury-riddled compared to the young and athletic Murray. Tyreke Evans, on the other hand, is a possibility since his contract with Memphis is about to expire.

They can also get him at a cheaper price compared to Lowry. Lastly, George Hill; the only positive thing in signing Hill is he is already familiar with the Spurs since he started his career with San Antonio.

Instant scorer needed

Although the Spurs play within their system, they still need a reliable spark plug on the bench.

Manu Ginobili is still performing at a higher level considering he is already 40 years-old. However, the Spurs need more firepower and these two can provide another offensive weapon on the team. The versatile forward of Chicago Bulls, Nikola Mirotic. Ever since he returned from injury, Mirotic showed his value to the Bulls.

Spurs don’t have any problem in moving the ball so getting Mirotic is somehow likely for them. The Detroit Pistons also expressed their interest in Mirotic’s services. And then there’s the explosive guard, Lue Williams. The former sixth man of the year is averaging a career high in points and field goal percentage this year. This is a long shot but surely a jackpot if Spurs can acquire him.