In recent weeks, it was rumoured that Manchester United will sign up a certain player who would eventually boost their roster. At first, many believe that they are just playing mind games to destroy the confidence and focus of other teams. However, it was evident that one player, in particular, is destined to join Manchester, and that is Alexis Sanchez.

Alexis Sanchez is the new striker

Throughout his stellar career, Alexis Sanchez showed the essence of being a striker. Upon his arrival in Arsenal, he made it a point to make a name for himself which he absolutely succeeded.

Sanchez posted career numbers which garnered legions of fans. But, behind those successes is a distraught man. The speculation of him being traded for the past couple of months was really bugging him. Several players and sports analysts were aware it as well.

Moving to a rival team is never easy but this might be the best move of his career. Just merely looking at Manchester United’s lineup, they might break records once they’ve developed their chemistry. Imagine Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Romelu Lukaku and now Alexis Sanchez in one team. If that doesn’t bring fear to other teams, then, they might not see the capability of these three individuals.

Manchester just got better

Joining Manchester means rekindling with Pep Guardiola.

For those who aren’t familiar, Sanchez and Guardiola go way back. Before he was anointed as one of the best strikers in the League, he was perfecting his craft under the wings of Guardiola in Barcelona. A lot of members of the media think that this trade is stated. They even thought that this is one of the reasons why sometimes Sanchez doesn’t play too well for Arsenal.

When Alexis Sanchez was asked about his thoughts on being traded, he stated that the years he spent with Arsenal is one of the best in his career. Although there were some ups and downs, he cherishes every moment and had great respect for the team. Playing at Old Trafford stadium with future hall of famers by his side is something he dreamt about years before.

Also, he stated that working with Jose Mourinho is something that he couldn't turn down.

Lastly, with the long roster list Manchester United had, Alexis Sanchez will be the very first Chilean who will play for the historic team. With that said, he is more than ready to represent his country while playing with arguably, the greatest club in football history. For the rest of the League, they should be ready because this team means business.