In the last year, Real Madrid won five titles and in doing so, it was the best year in its history. Something remarkable, considering a team who has twelve European Cups as its main proof of greatness.

However, the last match of 2017, when they lost against Barcelona 0-3 at the Bernabeu, meant that, at the time, La Liga was virtually ended for Los Blancos. And yet, now the situation is even worse, after the impressive comeback done by Barcelona in Anoeta and the second defeat in a row for Real Madrid in the Spanish competition.

Currently, 19 points separate the two biggest teams in La Liga.

But perhaps more frustrating among the supporters of Real Madrid is the sensation of superiority that they were feeling in the summer is now inexplicable over.

Certainly, after the two victories against Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup played in August, it seemed that, after winning two consecutive Champions League and La Liga, Real Madrid was even growing further at the beginning of the season.

A lack of goals

At this moment, there is no player at his best, but even though when Isco, Asensio, Modric, Carvajal or Kross were playing great during the first two months of the season, the BBC wasn't. In fact, Bale has been injured almost the whole season, and the numbers for Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema in La Liga are lower than ever.

Although the Portuguese has scored 9 goals in just 6 matches in the Champions League, in the Spanish Competition he only has 4 goals. On the other hand, the Frenchman has scored 4 goals counting both competitions, and apart from that, he is not participating in many goals as he used to do in former seasons.

All of this means that Real Madrid started to lose points very early in the season, against Valencia, Levante, and Betis, all of them playing at home.

On those matches, Zidane's players were generating as many chances that they were wasting. Eventually, the whole team started to go down on their performances, and now, not even Asensio or Isco is the bright hope of the supporters.

PSG may be the redemption

Though the French team is arguably the best in Europe, perhaps along with Manchester City and Barcelona, some believe that Real Madrid will show again their greatness when facing a highly difficult task.

In fact, something similar happened in 2014, when the Spanish played against Bayern Munich and, even though the Germans were considered clearly the favourites to reach the final, in the end, they lost 0-4 at the Allianz Arena.

Because in the history of Real Madrid, the legendary matches about comebacks and impressive triumphs have always been around the aura of the most crowned team in Europe. Although this time, first they have to go through a PSG led by Neymar and Mbappé.