After a disappointing first season with Pep Guardiola, when they didn´t win any trophy, now the team is leading the Premier League, and the gap with Manchester United is up to eight points.

Similarly, they have already finished as first in their Champions League group, after getting the victory in the five matches of the stage.

Probably, during the last week, they didn´t show their usual brilliance against Feyenoord and Huddersfield. It wasn´t necessary because they kept winning the games, showing they have the mentality and character for a future champion of everything.

Even yesterday, after Otamendi's own goal, they were able to come back to finally reach the three points against a combative Huddersfield, one of the nice surprises of this year in the Premier League.

Therefore, they have got 18 victories in a row, and they have remained unbeaten in the last 26 matches. Certainly, it seems really hard that they may lose this Premier League.

Guardiola' style

Although the statistics are undoubtedly fantastic, perhaps the supporters are even enjoying more the precious way to play football the team has been showing since the beginning of the season.

With Guardiola as a manager, the team is trying to get the possession as much as it may. In fact, yesterday they had 79%, with players such as De Bruyne and Silva commanding the midfield of Manchester City.

Yet, one of the characteristics of Guardiola's team is the role of their full-backs in creating football.

He did with Abidal and Alves in #Barcelona, Rafinha, Alaba, Bernat and Lahm in Bayern Munich, and now with Danilo, Mendy, Walker and even Delph, who is playing impressively in the left-hand side.

In doing so, their teams have more people in constant touch with the ball. Furthermore, Sterling and Sané, the usual wingers, they can go to the centre and support De Bruyne, Silva, Gündogan and Fernandinho for creating opportunities.

Considering that Agüero, the top-scorer in the history of the club, and Gabriel Jesús are fabricating spaces thanks to their quick movements and helping in the pressure, every member of the team is showing quality and team-work, both of them necessary for triumphing under Guardiola's eye.

The improvement of the defenders

Probably, the weakest point of an offensive team is their back.

However, Manchester City has received just eight goals in the Premier League, partly because Otamendi and Stones are consolidating as a complete pair of defenders.

Especially outstanding has been the performance giving by the English player, who arrived from Everton as a promise but he couldn't reach the expectations during his first year at his new team.

Nevertheless, he is actually showing that might be one of the best defenders in the future, and besides, he has quality enough to be the connector between the defenders and the midfielders.

Even in their arguably toughest game of the season, against Napoli in San Paolo, both of them came to the rescue of City, scoring a pair of goals and showing that, apart from being excellent defenders, they can also help in the other area.