The NBA season started great to say the least as teams were ready to unleash their new sets of players. However, this might just be the beginning as multiple All Stars are rumoured to be on the trading block.

Anthony Davis no longer the centrepiece for the Pelicans?

The Brow is entering his 5th season in the NBA and right now his future is not that clear. Although Davis is posting monster stats averaging 25.6 points and 11 rebounds per game, many experts believe he is already on his way out of New Orleans.

As the NBA season progresses, Anthony Davis is the main catalyst when it comes to trade rumours.

The former standout of Kentucky Wildcats is rumoured to be traded not because he is not playing well but for one reason only - and that reason is to join a championship calibre team to cement his name as one of the greats. The likely destination for Davis is the league-leading Boston Celtics. The only problem is, Boston is not ready to give up their assets.

DeAndre Jordan might join LeBron James and company

The Los Angeles Clippers just offered and paid Deandre Jordan a huge amount this season. But, the athletic centre and 1x All Star might not be in the City of Angels for long. DJ who is known for his defensive prowess is what the Cleveland Cavaliers badly need. It is no secret that NBA teams, especially the Eastern Conference love to exploit the Cavs when their defensive anchors are not playing.

DJ is also a great team player and it will not be hard for him to get along with the Cavaliers. If this trade will materialise, it will be a one-on-one swap between him and Tristan Thompson. Some analysts suggest it would be a perfect scenario for both players both in their careers and personal lives.

Marc Gasol: The disgruntled grizzly

The versatile big man and the face of the franchise is having a difficult season. First, the Memphis Grizzlies shipped some of their core players this summer such as Zach Randolph, Tony Allen and first ballot Hall Of Famer, Vince Carter. Second, Marc Gasol was having issues with the coaching staff, particularly with the recently fired David Fizdale.

Mike Conley who is the co-captain of the team tried to play the mediator between Gasol and Fizdale but the impending firing happened. Gasol has been vocal about the issue surrounding the team and this might be the last time fans will see him in a Memphis uniform. Among the suitors for this skilled big man are the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors.