The New England area is already rejoicing thanks to the exceptional play from their ball club, the Boston Celtics. With the addition of Kyrie Irving, the C’s have a chance to dethrone The King, LeBron James.

The team of the future

When Danny Ainge made some movements last summer, most of the Celtic nation was upset with his decision. Not only he traded their main guy Isaiah Thomas and versatile swingman Jae Crowder, he sent them to their rival the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In return, they received one of the best offensive players in the game today by the name of Kyrie Irving.

Apart from Uncle Drew joining the team, Ainge already acquired all-star small forward, Gordon Hayward. The plan was to create a dynamic duo but it went above and beyond when Jaylen Brown and rookie sensation Jayson Tatum stepped up their game.

On top of the mountain

The injury that happened to Hayward seems to be a blessing in disguise to the men in green. For the past 20 games, the Celtics excelled both offensively and defensively. Right now they are on top of the mountain with a record of 18-4. However, most NBA analysts think that they are not yet the team to beat in the East.

Kyrie Irving and future stars emerge

LeBron James is the best player right now and he is on a mission to lead the Cavaliers back to the promise land.

But the Boston Celtics looks to stop them and they might be able to do it. According to the latest metrics by the NBA, Celtics on top of the league when it comes to their defensive efficiency. As for the Cavs, they are almost dead last and it is very surprising considering they have The King and notable defensive players such as Jae Crowder and Iman Shumpert.

The biggest reason why the Celtics are poised to dethrone the Cavaliers is because of their youth and athleticism. NBA is a young man’s game as Bill Walton states. Cavaliers might have the edge when it comes to experience but the young nucleus of the Celtics will be a big challenge for them.

Let us not forget about what Kyrie Irving can do when the lights are on.

Stephen A. Smith made it clear that Kyrie Irving is a bad somebody, with a mask or no mask. The only way that Uncle Drew can be stopped is if he is badly injured or benched by Brad Stevens.

The Brilliance of Brad Stevens

Speaking of Brad Stevens, the 41-year-old head coach of the Boston Celtics has cemented his name as one of the youngest bright minds in basketball today. For those who are not familiar, Gordon Hayward played for Stevens back when they were in Butler. Familiarity will not be an issue between the two as they have shown success during the NCAA tournament. The Celtics also have some battle tested and savvy veterans like Marcus Smart and Al Horford to help their young core excel in their game.