Tomorrow night the football supporters will be following the Final Draw and hoping that their countries may avoid the hardest teams in the first round.

Considering that England is placed in the second seed, they will probably face a better team, but also two slightly weaker opponents during the stage.

In the unlucky of the scenarios, Southgate's team would play against Brazil, Denmark and Nigeria. On the other hand, a group integrated by Poland, Tunisia and Panama should be seen with good eyes between the English fans.

Besides, may not be more than two Europeans in the same group, and neither more than one of the other Confederations.

Thus, Argentina or Brazil, who can not be with Colombia, Peru or Uruguay, are the most probably rivals to face England.

Historical games

As a matter of fact, many of the viewers would be pleased to see England facing Argentina again because the history between these two teams has brought some matches to remember.

Obviously, the most remembered is the quarter-finals in 1986, when Maradona scored twice to take down England. Apart from that, Beckham got his revenge in 2002 in giving the victory to his team, four years after that he was sent off against Argentina when they lost in penalties.

Moreover, Portugal eliminated the 'golden generation' in two consecutive tournaments, with Cristiano Ronaldo playing in that games.

Although England won only one World Cup against Germany, since then, the matches between them have been painful for the 'three lions'.

In fact, in 1990, Germany beat them in semi-finals, same as they did in the second round of 2010.

Iceland is a possibility

Performing as debutants, same as they did in the Eurocup, they will not have the pressure of other countries.

Nonetheless, they were excellent in France 2016, when they finished above Portugal in the group.

Furthermore, they earned a remarkable victory against England in the second round, in one of the most humiliant defeats in the British history.

Thus, they could be again in the path of England, and considering that they finished first in a group integrated for Croatia, Turkey and Ukraine, they have been showing in the last years that their triumphs are being quite usual.

Nevertheless, this English team seems highly different to the one that was thrashed in the last tournament. Nowadays, players such as Alli and Kane are leading the squad.

Even though they were drawn to the most difficult team, Southgate's players have the quality and personality to win against anyone.