Manchester United seems to have chosen a wrong time to be losing form in the title race. The Red Devils started the season with convincing wins against West Ham and Swansea winning by four-goal margins. However, things have taken a different turn in their last three matches beginning with Liverpool, Benfica in the UEFA Champions League and Huddersfield Town. The match with Liverpool ended in a barren draw that saw United ‘park the bus’. The match versus Benfica was more positive with United barely winning with a fortuitous goal by Rashford. Playing away at Huddersfield Town Manchester United could barely register a shot on target in the first half, and only got into the game in the final minutes with Rashford pulling one back - United lost 2 – 1.

Woes of United clearly visible

This sudden dip in form comes at a time when Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur seem to be improving their game and winning matches. Not to mention the ruthless display of title rivals Manchester City in their demolition of all opposition both in Europe and the Premiership. The Woes of United are clearly visible in the lack of transition from midfield to attack is evident in the absence of Pogba and the inconsistency of Mkhitaryan in the middle. Matic has done quite a good job in the midfield but there seems to be an imbalance in the team. The absence of Bailly in defence has also affected the backline, errors by Lindelof exposed a chink in United’s armour.

Mourinho’s playing style has been a subject of criticism and in the absence of a fiercely attacking side, he has opted to focus more on defence than attack as in the game against Liverpool.

Title contenders score goals not only when it matters but when the opportunity presents itself. Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs all registered an average of four goals over the weekend and United one. Results matter, and how you get those results are equally important; the quality of the team must be evident in their playing style and how they win matches.

Work needs to be done

Manchester City is favourite to win the title but Manchester United can only have something to say about that when there is an improvement in their play style. United remains in a good position to compete for every major trophy this season but a lot of work needs to be done. Every team makes the best of the quality of available personnel but scoring goals and entertaining the fans is very important too. There is still time for some improvement in the team before the first half of the season ends.