Earlier today it was confirmed that next year's Premier League transfer deadline day will be brought forward to before the first fixture in the 2018/19 season.

This will prevent any Premier League clubs from purchasing players, despite the transfer window still being open in other countries.

For many years, numerous managers have made statements disagreeing with the transfer window still being open while the new season gets underway. They claim that psychologically some players are not 100% focused on the upcoming season as they are still eyeing a move to a different club while there is time.

Who voted against the new rule?

It is understood that five out of the 20 Premier League clubs voted against the new rule to bring forward next year's transfer window. On top of this, one club was abstaining from voting.

For the vote to be passed, the majority of clubs needed to vote for the new ruling.

It is understood that both Manchester clubs voted against the shorter transfer window. South Wales-based Swansea City also voted against, with Crystal Palace and Watford completing the five teams, not in favour.

According to reports, Burnley was the club abstaining from the vote.

Premier League 2018 summer transfer window

With the new ruling being passed, the summer transfer window of 2018 for all PL clubs will close on August 9 - just two days prior to the kick-off of the 2018/19 Premier League season.

This new rule only applies to buying players. So, all 20 Premier League sides can still sell their players after August 9, but cannot purchase anymore players after this date. They are able to sell their players to other leagues whose transfer window is still open.

The English Football League is not affected by this new rule as it only applies to the top flight of English football.

Lower English league clubs are still able to purchase beyond August 9.

The January transfer window remains unaffected by any of these changes.

Premier League managers

It is understood that even though Manchester United, Manchester City and Swansea all voted against the new ruling, their club managers were actually in favour of the change.

Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Paul Clemen, all voiced their overwhelming support in favour of the new rules to change the summer transfer window.

Although this will prevent managers from bringing in new additions to their squad, it will not solve the initial problem that managers have been complaining about for many seasons. Players will know they can still be sold to a different club if they want. It remains to be seen if any additional changes will be made to this new rule.