Snooker Legends and the Blade Cue coaching team have teamed up to showcase the new Blade cue - released onto the market earlier this year - at many of the Legend events this season.

Blade professionals and coaching team members will be on hand to promote, train and explain to people the benefits of using the new cue and its team all over the globe, as Blade has plans for growth in the coming months.

Martin Daly, from Tyrone Cues, and a partner in Blade, said via email: "Working hand in hand with them (Snooker Legends) made perfectly good sense to make this partnership happen.

Snooker Legends Ltd have been working with all the big winners and ex-World Champions, on its now famous exhibition and tours around the World and the benefits of being able to access this experience and use these players through the coaching packages promoting the Blade cue around the world is perfect for us."

Find the Line

The cue was released in order to help players align properly on the shot and to stop players who twist on shots.

The walk-in and approach in snooker is a key part of the shot and if you can get that part of the shot right, then that's 75% of the shot done - hence, why coaches constantly urge players to develop a good solid pre-shot routine.

Daly added: "The Blade cue is a proper handmade cue that is used to show you your mistakes from start to finish and also to help you visualise and see your mistakes and correct them straight away.

"Already endorsing the cues are professionals Mark King, Dominic Dale, Anthony Hamilton, 11-times World Champion Reanne Evans on the World Ladies tour and the man of the moment in pool, Chris Melling".

The cue has been approved by World Snooker Association (WSA) and the coaching team is led by Gary Filtness, who demonstrates the benefits of the cue online via Youtube (see video)

EastEnders actor Jamie Borthwick has already tried out the cue, as have other snooker fans and players, including the Kent amateur champion Ben Sizer, who gave it a glowing testimonial when testing it in Essex.

Daly explained about Filtness and the Blade coaching: "Everything he teaches comes from being a former top professional and coach to some of the biggest names to play the game over the past 25 years. He was Head Coach at the Grove Academy in London since it opened."

Snooker Legends is currently hosting the UK Seniors tour - which the first qualifier to win was 61-year-old former pro Les Dodd.

Four qualifiers will go on to play 8 Legends of the game in October at the main event hosted in Redhill, Surrey.

Last season, Peter Lines was the lucky winner of the World Seniors Championship in Scunthorpe.

Snooker Player Reactions...

Ladies U-21 Champion Emma Parker, 17, said: "The advantages of the Blade cue are that it helps correct you when you do things wrong which will really improve people's game."

Parker will be playing in this month's Paul Hunter Ladies Classic for the first time in Furth, Germany, where the male event will also be held again, won last season by Mark Selby.

German Masters 2017 Champion and first-time ranking winner Anthony Hamilton, said: "The Blade cue is perfect for training either a new cue action, or an advanced cue action, with the idea that any twisting will be shown up with all to see, and the quality of the cues are fantastic for all standards."

The Blade coaching team are currently offering packages for amateurs, professionals and anyone else keen to improve their game.