The three qualifying Snooker events for the Indian Open, European Masters and World Open have reached their conclusion now as players will focus on a busy few weeks and months ahead until Christmas.

Yes, I mentioned Christmas, because, believe it or not, there's barely four months until the Festivities!

However, for the snooker fraternity, the work doesn't stop here, as from next week, the Evergrande China Championship gets underway from the 16th. Wednesday, to the 22nd, a Tuesday the following week.

The day after, the much-loved on the calendar Paul Hunter Classic kicks off in Furth, Germany.

After the three qualifying events, they all kicked up some interesting and shock results, and, by all accounts, there are a handful of players to watch out for in the coming weeks ahead.

Alexander Ursenbacher, Ken Doherty, John Astley and Cao Yupeng all won their three qualifying rounds and were outside the top 64.

Players to watch out for...

They are:

John Astley, 28, from Gateshead, won all three qualifying matches down in Preston as he managed to knock out Shaun Murphy in the European Masters.

Astley's World Open qualifying round also went according to plan.

Veteran Ken Doherty, 1997 World Champion, also won all three qualifying rounds, and in next week's China Championship faces a tough tussle with Shaun Murphy.

Doherty, 47, has won 90% of his matches this season, according to the great Cuetracker - and only lost one so far - an impressive start to his season as an invitational player.

His semi-final in Riga shows the Irishman is still able to compete with the very best at the top, but his China Championship clash with The Magician will be another tough ride in Ghanghou next week.

If he can continue to ride out this great form, then Doherty may well be a dark horse this season and the relegation may have done him some good, mentally kicking him into gear.

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, the talented Thai player, for me, is still one to watch this season, and in the World Open made the highest break of 138.

Although he's been off the radar for a while, I believe there is a good run of form around the corner for this talented player and in China, he plays the Hitman Michael Holt.

Holt came close last season to winning in Riga but lost to the Aussie Neil Robertson. Predictions I make very rarely come to fruition, but, I can see Holt at some point getting very close again to winning a title, if not, actually winning one.

Last season, who would have thought Anthony Hamilton, Mark King and Anthony McGill would have all won their first silverware, particularly the two former veterans, and, in snooker, anything can happen. That's why we love it!

Like last season, it was nice to see the first ranking event this season go to someone who deserved to win his first ranking title - Ryan Day.

It refreshes the game and makes it more exciting for fans to see new Names on the trophies.

Let's hope there's more of that this season.

Finally, some fans on Twitter predict a good season for Grimsby's Stuart Carrington. With a smooth cue action and calm manner around the table, having observed him in qualifying in the World Championships at Ponds Forge, I believe some time down the road it will only be a matter of time before he's lifting silverware.

You can't rule out anyone

But....There are so many great players on the tour, that, you just can't rule out anyone these days!

I'm going to stick my neck out this season and say David Gilbert may win one! He again got close in the International Championship a couple of season's ago but lost to John Higgins.

It only leaves me to ask, who will get their 29th ranking title first?

Higgins or O'Sullivan....?