Mark Selby won his third World title on Monday evening from a remarkable comeback on day one from 10 - 4 down against John Higgins - and for the second time in his career.

It was a glorious win for the Jester from Leicester, 33, but after all the pomp and circumstance of the occasion, there was only one question on Mark Selby fans' lips: How many World titles will the winning machine Selby win by the end of his playing career? 4, 5, 6, 7? More?

As he is only 33, he has still lots of playing time on his side. In fact, Higgins, at 41 is himself still able to compete on the biggest stage in snooker, so, realistically, there is no reason why the Sat Nav potter Selby could certainly out do the likes of O'Sullivan and Davis in World titles.

So far, he has 12 ranking titles. He's won five this season. It's not impossible to believe that the Jester can, before his 40th birthday, win another 14 ranking titles to take his tally to at least 25. With so many ranking tournaments now in the season and with him winning 5/19 ranking events this one, it's not impossible...That would be two a season!

One more World title and he will equal the man he played and beat this year in the final 18 - 15. John Higgins. The Wizard of Wishaw.

Two more, and he will equal the man he beat in 2014, and prevented the five times winner from claiming a sixth World title, the great Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Three more and he equals the man who is now a DJ-cum-groove-rider, the legendary and retired Steve Davis.

Four more and he equals the man whom in his heyday was also a winning machine with the Midas touch, the cool and controlled Stephen Hendry.

In the twitter poll, fans of the potter from Leicester, overwhelmingly more than half 61% voted so far for Selby reaching at least five World titles or more, with only a small percentage thinking he would only make it just five.

The expectation on the Jester is now immense - as fans now expect more and more from their favourite potter.

Only Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry have been what you can consider "true" winning machines. Hendry's began from 1990 to 1999, the first of which was the youngest at 21 to win a World title.

But in an era where there are so many great players, from the UK to China, Selby is still out of this World.

His safety play is second to none. He can score heavy when he gets in. He has the temperament to win from behind. The proof in the pudding of the two World finals he has won from behind already.

Snooker from another world

He has beaten all the class of 92 in not just World finals but others, namely Mark Williams in the China Open this season. He beat Ronnie O'Sullivan in the UK final this season, and he beat Higgins of course in the 2017 World final.

You are maybe wondering why the title was why Mark Selby is the real spaceman of snooker today?

It's simple. He is off the planet when it comes to the players out there. Only Ding came very close to outwitting the Jester in all departments. Safety.

Potting. Temperament, and, of course, scoreline. But for that missed blue by Ding in the semi-final, China may well have had their first ever World Snooker Champion. Who knows?

The other Spaceman

The other spaceman of snooker is Dominic Dale, 45, for his eccentricity and on one of the old snooker-scene blogs, it said he was into a whole matter of weird and wonderful things. Dale is an entertainer as well as a great player, but has underachieved when it comes to winning. Ironically, the man known as the Spaceman, beat the now three times World Champion Mark Selby on his way to winning his second ranking tournament in 2007, the Shanghai Masters when Dale amazingly won that final with Ryan Day 10 - 6 in the final.

The shoe is on the other foot now with Selby playing out of this world, as he well and truely dominates planet snooker.

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