Aaron Ramsey and the rest of the Arsenal squad have been heavily criticised for their inconsistency and lack of determination on the pitch. Many believe that this is due to the players' weak mentality and have subsequently laid the blame on Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger for failing to appoint competent leaders in his team. While Arsenal used to have the likes of Patrick Vieira and Jens Lehmann in their ranks, it remains unclear who's really in charge in the current Arsenal squad. Furthermore, the media have suggested on various occasions that the long-serving manager has finally lost the dressing room and that his players are no longer happy to play under him.

Ramsey, however, has recently sat down with Sky Sports to debunk these claims.

Ramsey claims players are delighted to play for Wenger

While Wenger has promised to make his future plans known to the public "very soon", nothing official has been announced yet. Wenger has recently said that announcing his future plans now would be "an own goal." This could mean that the Arsenal boss may be waiting for another major win before making an official statement regarding his future at the club. Wenger has, however, repeatedly stated that his preference would be to remain at the North London club. Nonetheless, the Frenchman's unwillingness to comment on his future has led to the media speculating that his players' poor run of form may be partially caused by this uncertainty.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Ramsey said that while Wenger has not made his future plans known to his players, the team is still "delighted to play for him." The Welshman further stated that the players try their best to ignore the turmoil surrounding their club. "There's a lot of things going on at the moment but we have to turn a blind eye to that and concentrate on what we are here to do," said the 26-year-old.

The Welshman admits to his poor form this season

In the interview with Sky Sports, Ramsey also admitted that he was unhappy with how he has performed this season. Speaking about his disappointing form, Ramsey said: "Yes, it's been another frustrating one for me with a few injuries, and I haven't got that consistency going." The Welshman is, however, "determined to finish this season strongly."

Ramsey has impressed during last year's Euro Cup, in which he represented his country Wales.

During the competition, the 26-year-old played in the more attacking number 10 position, which is usually occupied by Mesut Özil at Arsenal. Wenger has previously labelled Ramsey as a box-to-box player and has also played him at right wing on various occasions. Ramsey, however, seems to prefer playing through the middle.