Cesc Fabregas used to be a popular figure at the Emirates and at just 20 years old, the Spain international succeeded William Gallas to the captaincy back in 2008. He came to Arsenal in 2003, initially playing for the youth team, and left the Gunners in 2011 to return to his boyhood club Barcelona. While Arsenal supporters were sad to see Fabregas go, many reluctantly accepted his decision to rejoin the Catalan football giants. Arsenal fans were, however, less than welcoming when the World Cup winner decided to return to London in 2014 - this time to sign for bitter London rivals Chelsea.

It didn't exactly help matters when Fabregas ended up with a Premier League title in his debut season for the Blues, something he had failed to do in his 9 seasons at Arsenal. The 29-year-old still seems to hold fond memories of his time with the Gunners and recently explained why he would love switch bodies with his former teammate Theo Walcott.

Fabregas would love to have Walcott's speed

In a Q&A session for Carabao, Fabregas was asked if there was any player he'd love to switch bodies with. The midfielder responded by saying that he would have loved to feel the sensation of outpacing his opponents. "Someone where you give them a long ball and they just pass the players. I've never had this feeling, unfortunately," said Fabregas.

The former Arsenal man is, of course, known for his creativity and passing abilities but has never been the fastest player, something he himself acknowledges. He then goes on and names Theo Walcott as an example, saying: "I remember at Arsenal I used to pass [Walcott] the ball over the top and I knew he could get there whatever it takes." While Walcott is known for his electrifying pace, he's certainly not the only speedster Fabregas has played with.

During his time at Barcelona and Chelsea, the Spain international played alongside the likes of Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, and Pedro, all of whom are known for their incredible speed. Regardless, Fabregas opted to go with his former Arsenal teammate and showed that he still held the Gunners in high regard.

Should Wenger have resigned Fabregas?

When Luis Enrique took over at Barcelona, he oversaw a massive overhaul at the club. The likes of Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez weren't part of Enrique's plans, and they were subsequently sold to Chelsea and Arsenal respectively. However, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger revealed that Arsenal was Fabregas's first choice. The Frenchman blocked a possible return for the Spain international, as he had already signed German playmaker Mesut Özil in the previous season.

Furthermore, Fabregas himself confirmed that he had indeed held talks with Wenger. He then revealed that he wanted to return to the Premier League and was easily swayed by then Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

While Fabregas is no longer a regular starter for the Blues under Antonio Conte, the former Barcelona man looks set to add another Premier League title to his trophy cabinet this season. Arsenal, on the other hand, have yet to get their hands on the league title since their unbeaten run in the season of 2003/2004. Özil's inconsistency has made many fans wonder what could've been had Wenger opted to resign Fabregas back in 2014. Thierry Henry previously questioned Wenger's decision not to resign Fabregas and said that Özil should've been benched for the Spanish midfielder.