Along with Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Özil is considered to be one of the best players currently playing at Arsenal. The former Real Madrid man is also Arsenal's all-time record signing, and his arrival at the Emirates was meant to signal the dawn of a new era at the North London club. With Özil, the Gunners managed to end a 9-year trophy drought by winning back-to-back FA Cups. This season, Arsenal may lose out on a top 4 spot in the Premier League, following a dismal run of form. They also face the prospect of losing both of their star players in the summer, as neither Özil nor Sanchez have agreed to sign a new deal yet.

Michael Ballack has now explained why Özil may be hesitating to sign a new contract.

Özil waiting on Wenger to sign new deal

Michael Ballack has told Sky Sports that Özil may be waiting for Wenger to sign a new deal before committing his own future to the Gunners. The former Chelsea midfielder further emphasized the conundrum that Özil is currently facing and said: "It is difficult to say really (if he should stay at Arsenal). A player like him, who has played for Real Madrid and now Arsenal and who knows the Premier League and La Liga, he has his own feeling and experience."

"And there are not many clubs where he can go now and who can afford him. I think he needs to feel comfortable with the decision he makes," Ballack explained.

When speaking of how Özil's relationship with Arsene Wenger may be a determining factor, the retired German player simply said: "But it also depends on what Arsene Wenger does and they have a good relationship and maybe that is why he is waiting a bit."

Özil's 'good relationship' with Wenger

It is no secret that the German international has enjoyed a very good relationship with Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

Özil has stated on various occasions that Wenger was the main reason he joined the Gunners in 2013. In March 2016, media reports suggested that Özil's relationship with Wenger had been strained, but the German playmaker immediately took to Twitter to clarify the situation:

Özil's teammate, Aaron Ramsey, even suggested that the former Real Madrid player gets special treatment from Wenger.

In an interview with Soccer AM, the Welsh international was asked which of his teammates was the teacher's pet, to which Ramsey responded: "Probably, Mesut. He's the teacher's pet. He gets a few extra days off than the rest of us. He's always in the boss's room asking for something, and he seems to get it."

Many fans and pundits have called the current Arsenal squad "a team of spoiled brats", and Özil is often singled out for his negative body language. Regardless, Wenger has always been very protective of his players, especially Özil. The German playmaker has recently denied that his future at the Emirates was solely dependent on Wenger, though. So, it remains to be seen whether Özil and Wenger will still be at Arsenal next season.