Alexis Sanchez has been a standout player for the Gunners this season: With 17 goals and 9 assists, the former Barcelona man is among the league's deadliest strikers. Needless to say, many Arsenal fans were left flabbergasted by Arsene Wenger's controversial decision to bench the Chilean international for a very important match away at Anfield. Surprisingly, Sanchez was seen smirking on the bench whilst his teammates were taking apart by Liverpool in the first half. Wenger maintains that his decision to omit Sanchez from the starting lineup was a strategic one.

However, reports now claim that there may have been internal issues behind the scenes.

Alexis Sanchez was supposedly involved in a dressing room row with teammates

The Gunners have not been enjoying their best form recently. With defeats to Watford, Chelsea and Bayern Munich the North London club has dropped plenty of points in the Premier League and have virtually lost any shimmer of hope of advancing to the next round of the prestigious Champions League. Sanchez cut a frustrated figure in each of these losses and even seemed to be blaming certain teammates during some of the matches. Various sources now report that Sanchez also let out his frustration on his teammates off the pitch. The former Udinese forward supposedly stormed out of a training session just days before the match against Liverpool.

This angered his manager and teammates, who reportedly confronted the 28-year old in the changing room. As a result, Wenger felt that Sanchez was forcing his hand by affecting the entire team with his negative attitude. The Frenchman then made the decision to leave his most lethal player out of the starting lineup.

The Chilean is determined to leave in the summer

If the reports turn out to be true, there seems to be the only way plausible way for this saga to end: Alexis Sanchez and Arsenal will go separate ways come to the end of the season. And with the Chilean's current form there will be plenty of suitors across Europe who'd want to sign the skilful forward.

Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and even Inter Milan have reportedly shown interest in the Arsenal ace. Both Sanchez as well as his German teammate, Mesut Özil, have been in talks with Arsenal to extend and improve their current contracts. Arsenal is said to have offered both players a contract worth £180,000-a-week. And while Özil seems to be awaiting his manager's decision regarding his future at the Emirates, it seems that Sanchez is sure to quit the Gunners in the summer. The only consolation for Arsenal fans is that the club is reportedly already on the look-out for a potential replacement, with Marco Reus and Alexandre Lacazette top of the list.