Approximately 90,000 voices were singing and coloring the stadium. It looked like a championship final guaranteed by Barcelona. It was almost, except that the Catalan team were four goals in disadvantage to the French Psg. 20 days ago the first leg of the Champions League for the round of 16 was 4x0 for PSG at Parc des Princes Stadium. Everything seemed lost to the Spanish team and PSG's sense of mission was fulfilled.That was until they entered the opposing field and felt the vibration. What no one else could believe, the Barcelona's players along with their faithful fans, believed to the end.

Belief and ability

Last week, in a press conference, the player Luis Suarez said that if there is a team capable of turning that advantage this team is Barcelona. Was he right! In the second minute of the game, he himself opened the board by setting fire to the show. It was the first goal of the six that would come to classify Barcelona and pour a bucket of cold water on PSG once again. Everyone was expecting a disputed game. But the question was: where is the PSG of the first game? Or even more: Where was this Barcelona? All the French team needed to do was to defend. But they were surprised by the furious attack of Barcelona and were run over. Uruguay's Cavani goal at 61 minutes seemed to be a relief.

But Barça was at home and wanted more. There were three goals in less than ten minutes and PSG accepted defeat while Barcelona only grew better.

The champion shines

Some bids were dubious and have been highly commented on - like the last penalty in favor of the Catalans that generated the fifth goal and the five minutes of increased time that the referee gave in the second half.

In those additions, the sixth goal happened and consecrated the historic turn of Barcelona and the Champions League. Despite that, Barcelona showed on the field their great desire to win. They deserved to win. The stars of the championship appear to be very bold. It cannot be denied that after this incredible victory, facing Neymar, Messi, Suarez and 'company' will be more difficult than usual.

This is football

This game stopped the world of football. There were fans and just faintly curious people who were amazed. Bets were broken and tears of promise fell. For football lovers, what more is expected? It gave everything - fights, disputes, good football and goals, many goals. Do not underestimate them next time. This is football. This is Barcelona alive in the Champions League.