While kicking the ball into thefov#Football goal seems easy from the stands, it's not so easy for those who have to kick the ball. A little less than two-thirds of Champions League penalties have been converted. This week´s penalty scorers; Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi and Neymar are compared to this season´s leading UEFA Champions league scorers who have positioned themselves at the top at a rate of 75% or more.

Top Champions League players who scored with over 90%

At the top of the list is Fabihno from AS Monaco who has scored 16 of 16 penalties taken in his career, having a 100% conversion rate.

Jonas who plays in Benfica has a career record of 93%, with 20 scored and only 1 missed - 10 of those were in a row.

Paulo Dybala from Juventus scored 13 all of them in a row and only one missed, holding a career record of 93%.

Penalty takers who converted penalties with over 80%

Robert Lewandowsky from Bayern Munchen scored 24, 12 of them were in a row with 5 missed and holds a career record of 89%. Eden Hazard from Chelsea kicked 35 into the goal; four were in a row and he only missed 5. He has a career record of 85%. Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Manchester United kicked 68 and missed 10 holding a career record of 87%. Alexandre Lacazette who plays for Lyon scored 22; four of them in a row. He missed 4 and holds a career record of 85%.

Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid at a record of 84% scored 94; missed 18 and 6 of them were in a row. Edison Cavani from Paris Saint-Germain scored 41, missed 9 and holds a record of 82%. Andre Silva from Porto scored 12; missed 3 and 4 were in a row. He has a career record of 80%. Neymar who plays in Barcelona scored 71, 7 in a row and missed 19.

He holds a record of 79%.

Penalty takers over 70%

Sergio Aguero has scored 30 penalties, with only 1 in a row now and missed 8 of 38. He has a career record of 79%. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund scored 14 and missed 4. He currently has a record of 76%. Radamel Falcao from Monaco kicked 34, missed 11 and has a career record of 76%. These are the countries and club football statistics.