Sunday, December 18, 2018. Yokohama, Japan. Real Madrid and Kashima Antler enter the field for the 2016 World Club competition. For many, we must assume, the victory was already guaranteed to the Spanish team. No one could have imagined that Kashima would leave the Spanish joy by a thread. Real Madrid starts the game to its classic style. Ball control, movement and Bezema opened the scoring after taking advantage of the rebound of the goalkeeper's defense over Modric's kick. If the supporter thought it would be the beginning of a easy game, it was a mistaken in what was to follow.

The Japanese team did not disappoint and went above the opponents showing technique and good football. Real had many chances and lost them all. The Japanese took advantage and, within the opponent's fault, even draw in the first half with a nice kick from Shibasaki.To the joy of the supporters and the smiles of the children, the kashima showed that it was in the field.

Second half and the giant

For a moment Kashima Antler had control of the game. Shibasaki, once again, in a beautiful individual play, put the Japanese team ahead to the despair of the opponent. There the flame of the Japanese ignited and football proved to be a spectacular sport. 2x1 in Yokohama until Vásquez fell in the area. Penalty for Real Madrid and kick, nothing more and nothing less by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The best in the world draw the game taking the decision to extra time. In a simple gesture, when took the ball in the bottom of the goal, shows that he was alive in the game. The giant was awake.


Tired. Exhausted, maybe. Both teams were very close to the bowl and wanting to get to the end. But who made the difference was the individuality, again, of Cristiano.

He scored two times more, celebrated in its classic form and recorded everyone that it was not a joke. More than Real Madrid, Kashima Antler had to face the superiority of CR7. Even with good chances of scoring, the japaneses couldn't resist the pression. 4x2 for the Spaniards who now add their fifth world club.

Kashima Antler x Arbitration

The great feat of Kashima by beating Atletico Nacional - who finished third - and reaching the final with Real Madrid team and very close to winning, is already something of great pride for their players, coaches and supporters.The team, that has two Brazilian player, Fabricio and Bueno, was warrior mainly when 'swallowing' errors of arbitration that could have changed the final result. In the second half, Sergio Ramos should have received a yellow card - and as there was already one - would be out of the game. The judge,Janny Sikazwe, from Zâmbia, even put his hand in his pocket, but for some reason he gave up. A question in "the air" that we will never know the true, but make us think that still has some kind of protection to the biggest clubs. We can't deny the superiority of Real Madrid but also how good football is becoming around the world and Kashima Antlers shows us this. These final is something to remember.