The ongoing tour of the Australian cricket team of India is generating great interest.The second test match between the two countries is underway in Bangalore. The Australians had won the first test on a rank turner. The ICC has asked for an explanation as to the state of the wicket from the BCCI as the match was over inside 3 days. The Indians don't seem to have learned a lesson and another turner has been prepared at Bangalore.

The Indian's this time won the toss and elected to bat. But on a pitch that took a turn after only 10 overs had been bowled, is cause for concern.

In any case, with a batting line-up fed on spin, it was expected the Indian's would post a decent score. It was not to be, as India were bowled out for 189. It was a sorry performance and captain Kohli failed again. He did not offer a shot and was declared LBW. He opted for a review but lost it. The Aussie spinner Lyons turned in the best-ever performance by an overseas bowler in India by picking 8 for 50.

India lose the initiative

Austraila came in to bat at the end of the day and the openers reached 40-0. It appeared at that time that India had lost the initiative.The second day should have been a consolidation by the Aussie batsmen, but they reached only 237 for 6. Though they have a lead of 48, this is not enough.

If Australia is to be on the safe side at will need a lead of at least 125 runs or more. The wicket is easing out and there is every chance the Aussies will have a task to contain India.

The Australians are ahead but the match could still turn India's ways if the Aussies do not build up a bigger lead. Austraila will have to bat last on this wicket and that will not be easy.

One thing is clear the Aussies have the edge. The Indian think tank needs to do some introspection. Preparing another turner is not the best way to win a test match

Anyone's match

This time again a turning wicket has been prepared, but it has not benefitted the Indian team. They are still in the one-day mode.The main Indian spinner Ashwin is not so effective and that is not good news for the Indians.

At the end of the second day, the Indian batsman Pujara commented that they still had a chance to win this test. Maybe he is right. It will be interesting to see how the Aussies tackle the Indian attack on the third day. it can be anybody's match though Austraila is slightly ahead.